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Trump’s Cabinet to Use Rare Policy to Unravel Obama’s Legacy Almost Overnight:


Americans are anxiously looking forward to Obama leaving office. We’re also anxious to see President-elect Trump and his new administration restoring jobs, reducing the size of government, reducing regulations, and removing any of Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

We all know that Obama will be making stupid moves even in his last few weeks and even days in office, but fortunately for Americans there may be a safety net in place that will help Donald Trump, Congress and Republicans called the Congressional Review Act.

a5d4582439c7475b9f19b9856e3025ab-a5d4582439c7475b9f19b9856e3025ab-0H/T Boston Globe:

Twenty years ago, Newt Gingrich and allies pushing the self-styled Contract with America created an obscure but potent legislative weapon to help Republicans combat what they deemed to be out-of-control regulatory overreach in Washington.

But like some kind of mystical, regulation-slaying sword, this tool comes to life only when the political stars align in just the right way, with single-party control on Capitol Hill and the White House, at just the right time.

Donald Trump, when he rolls down Pennsylvania Avenue at his inauguration, will usher in that time.

Republicans are readying an onslaught under what’s known as the Congressional Review Act to cast aside a raft of Obama administration edicts, including rules designed to make it harder for US corporations to avoid taxes; environmental rules aimed at curbing earth-warming emissions; and sweeping changes to overtime regulations that were set to guarantee extra pay for an estimated 4 million Americans.

Congress put Gingrich’s creation to work just once before, in 2001, to dispatch a workplace safety rule governing ergonomics, issued in the waning months of the Clinton administration.

This time Republicans are thinking much, much bigger.

“We plan to robustly use the Congressional Review Act to reverse the midnight regulations of Barack Obama,” said Wyoming Republican John Barrasso, who is a leader of the Senate effort. “His legacy lost. The American people said ‘No, we don’t want that. We want to change direction.’ ”

While Barrasso and other Republicans say the tool allows them to rescind “last minute” regulations pushed by the Obama administration, the Byzantine way that time is defined in the act means they will most likely be able to take aim at regulations put in place as far back as late May.

Newt Gingrich speaks during an American Solutions rally Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010 in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Gingrich, now a close Trump adviser, is thrilled his creation will get some use.

“We’ve gone through a period where unelected bureaucrats have arrogated a level of dictatorial power that can ruin lives, close companies, and totally disrupt local governments with no recourse,” Gingrich said in a brief interview. “And to reassert the elected officials is, I think, a good thing.”

No kidding! Amen!

President-elect Trump is going to definitely have his hands full when it comes to making America great again. From repealing Obamacare, to removing regulations that destroyed our coal and energy industry, to getting rid of illegal immigrants, lifting all the roadblocks from the Obama-Clinton administration, and cancelling every unconstitutional action that Obama put in place – it’s going to take Trump awhile to clean up Obama’s mess. The good news is…Trump is already moving in the right direction with his 100-day plan and his cabinet is finally going to kick some ISIS butt!

Merry Christmas America!



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