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Thanks, Jill Stein For Getting Voter ID Laws Beefed Up! Not kidding…


All Jill Stein wanted was a recount in Michigan… And now she gets a liberal’s worst nightmare. Michigan just passed a new, strict voter ID bill. This bill will stop voter fraud and also illegal immigrants from voting. Take that, Jill!


Democrats think it’s just awful that people have to show their IDs when voting to prove they are who they say.

In reality, liberals just want illegals to vote for Dem. candidates. Also, it’s an easy way for them to play the race card.

Well, liberals in Michigan aren’t going to be too happy after learning the state House recently approved a more strict voter ID proposal.

Thank you, Jill Stein!


From Detroit News:

Michigan’s Republican-led House on Wednesday night approved a strict voter identification proposal over strenuous objections from Democrats who argued the plan could disenfranchise properly registered voters.

Michigan voters without photo identification could still cast a provisional ballot under the controversial legislation, but they would have to bring an ID to their local clerk’s office within 10 days of an election in order for their vote to count.

The legislation seeks to “protect the integrity of every single Michigan citizen’s vote, because every vote is diluted if fraudulent votes are cast,” said Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland.

Current state law allows registered voters to cast a ballot without photo identification if they sign an affidavit affirming their identity under threat of perjury, an option 18,388 residents used in the Nov. 8 election, according to the Michigan Secretary of State.

Nearly half of those voters were in Wayne County, including 5,834 in Detroit.

“We are not aware of fraud related to the affidavit” option, said Fred Woodhams, a spokesman for Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, whose office is reviewing the voter ID legislation and has not yet taken a position.

“There’s certainly no proof” that any voters who cast ballots without photo identification last month were committing fraud, but they or their peers could nonetheless face a “modern-day poll tax” under the legislation, said Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor.

“This is going to cause confusion and chaos at the polls,” Irwin said. “There’s going to be arguments, voters aren’t going to understand, and long lines are going to get even longer. Maybe that’s the point.”

Big league backfire!

Time for you to go now, Jill.

Or, heck, hang out a little while longer. Seems like you’re actually doing something right!

Thanks, Jill Stein! You’ve inspired Michigan to change their voting laws, and now Michigan will inspire the rest of the United States. You really did America a solid!


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