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Teen Viciously Stabbed, & Shot in the Head, Left to Die. What Her Attackers Didn’t Count on? Her Survival…


Evelyn Bunte was raised solely by her father since she was three so, understandably, her old man wasn’t exactly thrilled that the recent high school graduate was leaving home to start over hundreds of miles away.

But Evelyn wanted to go to school at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas.

Eventually, she relocated and started working at a local Walmart.

Little did her dad, Victor Raga realize, the 18-year-old had fallen in with “a bad crowd.”

One night, he was woken up by a call that no parent wants to get— his daughter had been brutally attacked and was in the hospital.

This is what happened….

While napping in the home she shared with her boyfriend, Evelyn had been savagely attacked. Raga explains:

“They shot her three times in the head. Once in the face, once in the back of the head, and another time on the side of the head.

She fought back and that’s when it escalated. She just wouldn’t die. She fought.”

Detectives found glass in her scalp and, according to Fox 4, she was also beaten, stabbed, and may have been strangled during the attack. Her attackers left her for dead. “Inside Edition” reports that she laid there for five hours before her now ex-boyfriend’s mother found her.

Evelyn’s injuries were substantial— she was left temporarily paralyzed and partially blind, now only able to see colors and shapes. Additionally, bullet fragments remain in her body.

Victor Raga says he fell to his knees when he first saw her injuries in the hospital, but Evelyn Bunte’s inclination was to comfort her dad:

“She said ‘Dad, don’t cry, I’m still here.’ She said, ‘please don’t cry.’”

Now, his daughter is recovering in miraculous ways.

She is now able to do basic things like feed herself and walk on her own.


Raga believes “she has angels by her side” and celebrates her quick progress. Her father told reporters that:

“If that’s not a miracle of survival… It’s incredible.

Her spirit is strong. I talk to her every day about the outpouring of prayer and support that she’s getting and it uplifts her. […]

Overall she is so optimistic because that’s who she is. That’s how she was before.”

Evelyn stated that:

“Today, I’m feeling really good and definitely optimistic about the future.”

“I hope [the people who did this]get caught, that’s all I have to say, because they don’t understand how much pain they’ve put me through.”

As the only witness to the attack, any information Evelyn Bunte can recall is critical to the investigation. Unfortunately, the attack left her with a “foggy” memory and no ability to recall the events of that night.

Police have a few leads, but so far there have been no arrests made. They do have a strong suspicion that this girl was targeted rather than it being a random attack.

With months of intensive physical therapy ahead of her, Evelyn is still optimistic.

“You might as well stay positive. There’s no sense in feeling bad for yourself,” she said.

Her family even opened a GoFundMe account to help pay for medical expenses. This is incredibly sad. I hope the bastards who did this get caught!


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