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Stadium at Army-Navy Game ERUPTS When Trump Appears: Where’s Obama? [VIDEO]


President-elect Donald Trump is very busy these days working with his transition team to assemble a strong administration and cabinet. But Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule to honor our military by attending the Army-Navy football game on Saturday in Baltimore. Where was Obama? MIA.

The Army-Navy game has been a tradition for over 117 years. It’s also been a tradition that the standing president attend the game. But we all know President Obama has not been a strong supporter of our military, let alone the Army-Navy football game. He’s only attended one game and that was back in 2011. So who better to attend the game than the incoming President-elect Donald Trump.

WOW! Just amazing! Standing Ovation and an ERUPTION of cheers!

The personnel in our military must be so relieved that we have a new commander-in-chief. A new commander-in-chief, named Donald Trump who will support them and who appreciates, honors and respects all that they do for our great nation! What an amazing cloud that they must fill was just lifted off their shoulders.

Here’s a game that has been played for over 117 years. It’s a tradition for the Commander-in-Chief to attend the game, sitting one half on the side of the Navy and the other half on the side of the Army. This Army-Navy game doesn’t just honor the players on the field, but it honors all those who have served before them. It’s a display of brotherhood. These men carry their passion and souls of others out on that football field.

In 1963, Roger Staubach played on Pearl Harbor Day in an Army-Navy game that was almost cancelled due to John F. Kennedy’s assasination. Even on that day, a vacated chair of the late president Kennedy was honored.

This year, the Army-Navy football game saluted the 82nd Airborne. They wore their insignia with pride. They saluted their physical and mental toughness. This Army-Navy football game tied the past to the present.

This year the Army-Navy game was NOT attended by President Obama, but INSTEAD was attended by President-elect Donald Trump. Trump said it was an “honor” and that he was “humbled” to be there. Trump also said he decided to attend out of his love for the armed forces.

The Army-Navy game is about honor, pride and respect….is it really a surprise Obama wasn’t there?

Thank you to all those who serve and have served our country!

God Bless Our Military! And God Bless America!



H/T Gateway Pundit


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