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SNL Mocks Desperate Liberals Pleading W/Electors In ‘Love Actually’ Parody


As the electoral vote draws closer leftists have become increasingly more desperate. Saturday Night Live came up with a hilarious way to mock the panic. They recruited “Hillary” and threw the movie Love Actually in the mix…

Here’s why Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton is so brutally effective. I’m fairly certain the SNL writers wrote this sketch to mock Trump. Yet, just by looking at “Hillary,” it reminds you of the actual Hillary being out of touch and desperate. It’s like Jon Lovitz “I Can’t Believe I’m Losing To This Guy” take on Mike Dukakis (Google it kids), only turned up to eleventy.

Which says nothing of just how pathetic the left has gotten trying to steal and delegitimize Trump’s win. Let’s say, purely for the poops and giggles, that they do steal the election. That the electors do overturn the will of the people. Where are we as a country then?

Here’s a hint: not a good place. Remember, these are the very same liberals who DEMANDED Trump accept the election results after November 8. Apparently, what they actually meant was you have to accept the results if it resulted in Hillary Clinton winning. Because, as we all know, sinceTrumps utter domination of Hillary on November 8th, the left has thrown everything at Trump, including a kitchen sink made in Russia. Talk about desperation.

But wait, THERE’S more desperation.


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