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Shut-up, the Adults Are Talking …To President Trump [VIDEO]


President-elect Donald Trump sat down with the enemy this week at a meeting in Trump Tower with technology executives. I doubt if any of the invitees actually voted for Donald Trump, and most of them probably raised significant amounts of money for Hillary Clinton. The bottomline though is that it’s time to “Make America Great Again” and the technology industry and the leaders in that industry are going to have a critical part in doing that.

Trump minced no words at the meeting.

“This forum brings together CEOs and business leaders who know what it takes to create jobs and drive economic growth. My administration is committed to drawing on private sector expertise and cutting government red tape that is holding back our businesses from hiring, innovating, and expanding right here in America.”

One of the biggest differences between Donald Trump and either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is that Trump is a businessman and he understands his job is to make deals that improve conditions for everyone in the U.S.. Whereas, Obama and Clinton view their jobs as paying back the big moneyed interests who put them in power.

All you have to do is look at what happened after the election. Donald Trump went on a ‘Thank You’ tour to visit the states and the people who helped elect him president. Hillary Clinton is having a big party in New York for her biggest donors.

President Trump is going to have a real fight on his hands working to “Make America Great Again” and hopefully the big-money Democrats around the table with him at Trump Tower this week will help him do that. They are smart enough to understand that we have a long way to go and I hope they’re beginning to see that Donald Trump is a man who is going to lead the way.


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