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Would Sheriff Clarke Rock This Position or What? [VIDEO]


Donald Trump is interviewing potential cabinet officers and Milwaukee sheriff Clarke is a possible nominee for the Department of Homeland Security. That sound you just heard is liberals’ heads exploding.


President-elect Trump met with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke last week, and if he’s looking for a long order I to take over Homeland Security he couldn’t have a better pick. Trump also met with Fran Townsend and Mike McCaul for the position.

Nominating Clark would draw a line in the sand with a backhoe when it comes to domestic terrorist groups like #BlackLivesMatter.

Contrast that with Barack Obama meeting with #BlackLivesMatter in the White House for three hours. Sheriff Clarke knows what he’s talking about, Barack Obama doesn’t. Sheriff Clarke is a patriotic American who loves this country and Barack Obama has demonstrated on a daily basis for nearly 8 years that he isn’t and doesn’t.

Rudy Giuliani’s name has been mentioned for homeland security on a number of occasions, but I don’t think Rudy wants the job. He would be an excellent pick, but so would David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke, given his strident positions on law and order and on groups like #BlackLivesMatter, and his staunch support for the Second Amendment, is an excellent choice.

If Sheriff Clarke gets the nod from Donald Trump I can’t wait to see racist Democrats in the U.S. Senate questioning him. It will be fun to watch.


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