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See VIDEO of What Happens to Losers Who Mess with the Trump Train


A propane dealer in Skowhegan, Maine really didn’t like Donald Trump or Trump voters. As a matter of fact he was so outraged that Donald Trump swept Hillary Clinton into the dustbin of history they put a voicemail on his telephone letting his customers know that if they voted for Donald Trump he didn’t want their business and wouldn’t be delivering propane to them.

Keep in mind, this is Skowhegan, Maine and winter temperatures can easily be nearly hundred degrees lower than where I’m sitting in Phoenix, Arizona in the wintertime. If you don’t have heat, you die.

Well it turns out, Michael Turner, the propane dealer, got more than he bargained for.

It seems Michael Turner’s license to sell propane expired in 2012. According to state records Turner first got his license to sell propane in 1998. The Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation said that they are aware that Turner’s license expired and it is illegal to operate without a license. They indicated that anyone can renew a license at any time and someone operating without a license could face disciplinary actions. Those actions could include fines from the state Attorney General’s office.

Even though Turner’s comments indicate that he would continue to sell propane to Trump voters, and didn’t want to see anybody freeze, it’s fitting that his actions brought the attention from the main regulatory agency. Mr. Turner certainly has a First Amendment right to say anything he wants to say and I happen to be a big proponent of that right. I even support the right to burn the American flag. Why? Because things like burning American flags and telling propane customers – in freezing weather – that you’re not planning on doing business with them simply makes the point that you’re an idiot.

I’m not one who, for any reason, would deny Democrats the opportunity to show off their true colors. That’s what flag burners do and that’s what Michael Turner did.

No action has been taken at this point, but Turner’s retirement could definitely get a big ding if the state decides to find him for every bottle of propane that he sold since 2012.

We can only hope.


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