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School Rejects First Amendment Freedoms Because They Are “HURTFUL”[VIDEO]


The First Amendment was rejected at Tufts University for being “unsafe.” Seriously? Oh my, this is LITERALLY impossible. For one, the human tongue has no bones, so it can’t physically harm you by speaking the truth, and for another, YOU are the only one who gets to decide if you’re offended, no one else. So to all of the liberal losers out there us right-wing Republicans say to you….


Saying that “hate speech” is just too harmful to a student’s psyche, the student government laid down the “student law” and voted against an effort to end campus anti-free speech rules at the Massachusetts school.

The current rules ban speech that contains the “use of nicknames,” “hurtful words,” “bias-fueled jokes,” “comments on an individual’s body or appearance,” “innuendos of a sexual nature,” “gender bias,” and dozens more supposed offenses.

The vote, 26-0 with two abstentions, denies a proposal that declares the First Amendment is allowed on campus, affirming that administrators should continue to let students be punished for exercising their free speech rights.

After the vote, student Senator, Olivia Dehm, declared: “I believe everyone’s right to access their education on this campus is more important than abolishing the protective restrictions we have on free speech,”

Wait a second they didn’t think of everything! Where are the padded classrooms and pillows in case anyone falls? We don’t want anyone getting hurt now.

How interesting and ironic to see democratic adoption of such Orwellian measures under the horrible disguise of democracy.

Student Jake Goldberg submitted the resolution calling for an end to the restrictions. The campus already has a “red light” rating by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, meaning it is one of the worst campuses in the country when it comes to suppressing free speech.

Prior to the vote, Goldberg tried to sway his peers to support unabridged free speech on campus.

“We just want to make sure these [vague administrative]policies are cleaned up, better defined, and use language that’s easy to understand,” he said.

Goldberg added that, without the measure passing, administrators can unfairly punish students for exercising their First Amendment rights.

But nearly every single senator voiced opposition to the measure.

Senate President Gauri Seth scolded Goldberg for the resolution: “I think clarity in itself is subjective so I don’t really know what we’re voting on, which is why I oppose this resolution…I just don’t think [the resolution]protects students in the way that it should. I think that actually really harms students.”

Another student senator, Nesi Altarus, said that “50 percent of students on this campus are not from America, and there are other countries with free speech issues, and some countries handle them better than America. I think saying First Amendment rights, best kind of rights, is not okay.”

The school defended their anti-free-speech policy, inaccurately arguing that it “complies with state and federal requirements.” In no way, shape, or form, does it comply with those requirements; free speech restrictions on college campuses have been summarily rejected by the Supreme Court.

In other words, if you have a very delicate, very fragile student who is offended by “nicknames” or “bias-fueled jokes,” then Tufts is the place to send your kid.

However, if you’re searching for a school that teaches the First Amendment as it was intended, I’d look elsewhere to send your tuition money, and your children.

Need a little comical relief from these idiotic liberals, then please WATCH….


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