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School-Girl Asked to Introduce Soldier – Turns Out it’s Her Father She Hasn’t Seen in a Year and a Half! [VIDEO]


Christmas is a very heartwarming and special time of the year when families gather to celebrate the birth of Christ. But some families are not as fortunate. For our soldiers stationed around the world protecting our freedom, they aren’t always with family.

In fact, birthdays and holidays like Christmas are often extremely difficult for our soldiers and their families, who don’t always get to spend quality time together. Soldiers sacrifice a lot and some are often not even home when their own children are born. For the fortunate soldiers and families that DO get together, it’s a very special Kodak moment…sometimes a very tearful, but joyous one.


H/T Liftable:

Jason Michael Webb has done his duty as a combat medic. He is a 15-year Veteran and has been deployed overseas for much of that time.

In fact, he was deployed when his daughter Haley was born. She has had to grow up knowing her dad is “out there” serving his country.

Haley is now a teenager and student at Bingham Middle School in Independence, Missouri. She has not seen her father in over a year and a half.

That is about to change. The reunion is about to happen in front of her whole school during their Veteran’s Day assembly.

Haley has absolutely no idea who she’s about to see. She was simply asked to read an introduction biography pertaining to a very special guest. After her band performance, she starts the intro. About halfway through, she is starting to catch on — and then, the special guest comes out.

What a special moment! How blessed to be this young girl and have your Dad home for Christmas.

As Christmas and the holiday season approaches, don’t forget that we have thousands of U.S. soldiers stationed in harm’s way and away from their friends and families. Make this Christmas a special one and remember our soldiers who are serving our country protecting your freedom. Many aren’t as fortunate as you or I, they won’t be with loved ones to share Christmas or this special time of year.  Please take time to remember them – shoot them a card, send them a care package, or a hand written note and let them know you care. Many won’t get that special Kodak moment…at least not with their families back home.

God Bless Our Troops!



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