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Rocky Goes To Washington!


President-elect Donald Trump and his transtition team have been working diligently to fill positions for his upcoming cabinet and administration. Trump has been selecting strong and qualified people with extensive backgrounds, knowledge and experience in their respective areas. The candidate for Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts is no different.

Trump is considering Sylvester Stallone for the Chair of the National Endowment of the Arts. Stallone has been in the film industry for, believe it or not about 40 years. Stallone is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter and businessman. Who else would be more qualified?


M/T Daily Mail:

Donald Trump has drawn ‘first blood’ in the search for his incoming administration’s senior arts role – by tapping up Rambo legend Sylvester Stallone.

Sources have told the president-elect sees Hollywood icon Stallone as the perfect choice to make art great again.

The likely position would be Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency that doles out funds to aspiring artists and creative projects.

If Stallone is formally offered that job, his appointment will have to be approved by Congress.

While Stallone is positively disposed to the idea, It is not known whether Stallone will accept the gig. He has spoken previously of his admiration for Trump – and of his interest in entering politics.

‘It’s been widely and wrongly assumed that a Trump Presidency will be hostile to the arts,’ a source told ‘But Mr Trump feels this sort of A-list appointment is precisely the shot in the arm that the industry needs.’

Stallone, 70 – best known for his roles as John Rambo and Rocky Balboa – backed John McCain’s presidential run in 2008 but he is not a registered Republican.

However the movie action man described Trump as ‘bigger than life’ in a recent interview, though he stopped short of endorsing his Presidency. ‘I love Donald Trump,’ he told Variety Magazine. ‘He’s a great Dickensian character. You know what I mean? ‘There are certain people like Arnold, Babe Ruth, that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates to running the world.’

Stallone also hinted at a career in politics in the same interview, saying he was interested in following in the footsteps of Hollywood star-turned pol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

‘I said to my wife, “What do you think?” Stallone recalled. ‘She said, “Are you crazy?'”

Formed in 1965, The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and supports everything from museums and opera to folk music, dance and design. Its current head, the artist and philanthropist Jane Chu, heads a 14-strong board who can draw upon an annual budget of around $146,200,000. 

I’m sure for Stallone that budget seems small. That’s probably about the same budget used to produce just ONE of Stallone’s movies.

Trump’s selection of Sylvester Stallone is certainly no surprise. Stallone is certainly a supporter of Trump’s and even made this ad early on in the campaign:

Pretty good right? I think if Donald Trump offered Sylvester Stallone the job, he’d take it and he’d be AWESOME!

Stallone is just coming off an Oscar nomination for Creed, reprising his signature role of Rocky Balboa, 40 years after getting his first Oscar nomination. Hard to believe, right?

Maybe Stallone will follow in the footsteps of his former action rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, who did become California State governor.

I can see the headline now! “Rocky goes to Washington!”

Something tells me there’s a movie in the making…. Yo Adrian!




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