RECOUNT UPDATE: Major VOTER FRAUD Uncovered in Key Battleground State Nevada

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Serious voter fraud has been identified in Nevada, but not the kind Jill Stein was hoping for…

Nevada has voted for the winner of the presidency for the past 108 years, but now Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan, has found actual proof of the massive voter fraud in his Clark County district, NewsMax reported.

A total of 17,086 votes were collectively cast in the district, but when confirmation letters were sent out to those same voters, the US postal service returned mail from 9,200 of them.


Vaughan found that many people who are listed as deceased are also on active voter rolls. There were other irregularities, too, like mail being retuned from five people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.

Fortune says  in Nevada, where a partial recount of the race was requested by independent presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente – who came in last – requested and paid about $14,000 for the recount, which he called a counterbalance to the review sought by Stein in Wisconsin.

You figure out that one.

Additionally, Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registred to vote in District 15.


Nevada Secretary of State spokeswoman Gail Anderson said the recount of ballots from Carson City and Douglas, Mineral, Nye and Clark counties should be completed soon. If the sample shows a discrepancy of at least 1% for De La Fuente or Clinton, a full recount will be launched in all 17 Nevada counties.

Meanwhile, Vaughan tested a sample of 200 people from the list of 9,200 letters which were returned and found that 185 of them had voted. President-elect Donald Trump lost by only 27,000 votes statewide in Nevada, so 9,200 fraudulent voters in one small Assembly district would amount to more than 1/3 of the total margin he lost by.

CNN reported that Nevada poll workers wore “Defeat-Trump” t-shirts at the polls during the election which was against the law and Hillary supporters were caught breaking the law before the election when registering people to vote as well, according to Gateway Pundit.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein has asked for recounts in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump in this year’s election (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania).

And, keep in mind, this is only one small example from the state. If this is what we know, just imagine what we don’t don’t know. Jill Stein’s recount effort is backfiring – it looks like Trump’s landslide victory was even greater than previously thought!

With everyone soooo serious lately – how about a little comic relief?

The Flipside with Michael Loftus makes fun of Joseph Clancy, the head of the secret service. This is one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. With Barack Obama heading out the door, maybe the Secret Service will finally get their act together! If not, Donald Trump will have to say, “You’re Fired!”

Hilarious! Watch:

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