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The Rats Are Jumping Ship & First Up Is John Kerry


John Kerry, Barack Obama’s backup Secretary of State, is a traitor. Not in the general sense that people typically use the word “treason” but as in the legal definition of traitor. In 1973, while he was still an officer in the United States Naval Reserve, he went to Paris and collaborated with the North Vietnamese in their “negotiations” with the United States. He should have been arrested, charged with treason, tried, and hung, but Jimmy Carter gave him a pass.

And Democrats, having no love for America, elected him to Congress and to the U.S. Senate and Barack Obama appointed him as Secretary of State following Hillary Clinton. That brings us to today.

John Kerry is not somebody who you would expect to have your back, and Barack Obama is finding that out quickly.

Remember Obama’s ‘red line’ in Syria?

THAT red line.


The one that really wasn’t there. Secretary of State Kerry, chatting with the talking heads last Sunday, admitted that President Obama’s “red line” tough guy act about Syria “cost us significantly” by leading other nations to see America as weak.

Here’s a newsflash for traitor John, other nations “see America as weak” because under Barack Obama’s leadership – and yours – America became weak.

Barack Obama doesn’t understand Rule 1 of “Dealing With Bullies.” Somebody should’ve bought him the book, “Bullies for Dummies,” although he probably wouldn’t have read it.

Traitor Kerry faulted Congress for not immediately approving the use of force when President Obama finally got around to talking to the Congress. Kerry didn’t bother to note that between the time Obama made his famous “red line” statement and when he finally had a discussion with Congress about it… a full year had elapsed. Obama didn’t bother to lay the groundwork with the U.S. Congress or with our allies who also had no stomach for getting involved with what was obviously an empty bluff.

Not only did Obama make a fool of himself – and the nation – on the international stage, he opened the door to the Russians in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin saw the opening and took it.

It also made a strong statement to the Iranians that a gutless American president wasn’t about to confront them over nuclear weapons and the Iranians took traitor John to the cleaners in the negotiations over their access to nuclear weapons.

The United States is likely to pay a major price, and probably sooner rather than later, for Barack Obama’s attempt to show the world he’s a man. The world knew better then and they certainly know better now. This is a mess that our incoming president Donald Trump and his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, may have to fix.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and traitor John Kerry spent eight years making the Middle East a significantly more dangerous place and then have the audacity to declare that they had achieved “peace in our time.”


I just hope Barack Obama’s legacy doesn’t look like Neville Chamberlain’s. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


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