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Racist BLM Lawyer: All Blacks Should Get Away With Rape & Murder Of Whites


While Barack Obama ruled for 8 long years as president, we’ve witnessed a collapse of race relations in America. A sharp rise in power of the Black Lives Matter movement has been accompanied by a heavy increase in violence and rage against whites and police.

Now, one heavily involved Black Lives Matter member is actually urging courts to allow rape, violence, and other crimes against whites and cops with NO CONSEQUENCE!!!

So if I understand this correctly, white men and woman are supposed to pay for the crime of slavery. Which, by the way, 2% of the White population even owned slaves. And let’s not forget that black people were the ones who enslaved themselves, to begin with. BULL CRAP. Get off your pity-party asses and own up for your actions.

This idiotic notion that white people need to pay for the crimes that our ancestors committed is ridiculous.

As far as I see it black people are angry about the “stolen money” that was earned off of black slavery, and they want nothing more than money to repair the damage they felt we caused them. In reality, they caused this damage themselves.

Black Lives Matter movement has grown increasingly bold in their misguided, rage-fueled actions and demands. All of this because of endorsement and encouragement from Obama?

It has become all too commonplace to see headlines in the news about violence and chaos brought about by vicious BLM thugs all across our country.

This insanity has just reached a new level with the types of demands that this prominent Black Lives Matter lawyer has for our courts and juries. Just like the rest of their wildly misguided actions, this BLM lawyer is trying to get revenge on the white population in this country in order to ‘fix’ the race-relation problem.

Black lawyer Elie Mystal is a writer for a highly rated legal website and has some pretty strange ideas on how to ‘fix’ this country. He thinks that all black people should be acquitted for their crimes, no matter what they are or the circumstances of the crime.

He outlines his plan to scare whites into submission on the website Above The Law:

“Jury nullification would get white people’s attention. Remember how pissed-off white people were about O.J.? And that was just one dude. White people would notice if black jurors simply refused to play along,” he wrote.

He continues by saying that “it’s time minorities got in the game” and that we should change our court system to do so.

“Black people lucky enough to get on a jury could use that power to acquit any person charged with a crime against white men and white male institutions. It’s not about the race of the defendant, but if the alleged victim is a white guy, or his bank, or his position, or his authority: we could acquit. Assault? Acquit. Burglary? Acquit. Insider trading? Acquit. Murder? What the hell do you think is happening to black people out here? What the hell do you think we’re complaining about when your cops shoot us or choke us? Acquit.”

The cherry on top is when Mystal claims that this is actually what intelligent black people in this country want.

“This is something that intellectual black people with legal training talk about. Honestly, what the hell do you expect us to do? How do white people think we’re supposed to react when we watch cops murder us and get away with it, over and over and over again? We’re just supposed to take it? Wait for America to produce nicer white people? The options for black America in the face of this state-sponsored injustice seem pretty limited,” he stated.

It is becoming glaringly obvious that these Black Lives Matter activists, especially Mystal, have no intention of achieving “social justice” or “racial equality.” Instead, they would simply like to take out their racist anger and revenge against white people in America and the police sworn to protect American citizens, regardless of their race.

Just for a second, ponder the type of outrage that would explode if a white lawyer had made the exact same racist demands. Our country would erupt in chaos, but you can bet you won’t see much about these demands, even worse, you will probably see liberals bashing anyone who calls out these absurd demands as a racist.

This was stated on a Black Lives Matter Website:

“You have to give us everything we need and more, because even if it means you go without — it doesn’t matter because that’s how we been living for 400+ years. Reparations will never be negotiable.”

not to mention…slaves-in-islam


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