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Putin Slams ‘Shameless’ Hillary & Democrats: “Learn How To Lose”


The idea that Vladimir Putin hacked the DNC because he wanted Trump to win is preposterous. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was a feckless pushover for Putin – so why would he want anyone else in there? It’s ridiculous, but what’s new, Democrats?

While Obama, Hillary & John Kerry were running the show, Putin invaded The Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia and made the Democrat leadership look like damn fools in Syria. Now Putin, Iran and god knows who else are running the show in the Middle East – thanks to fools like Hillary.

President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Believe me, Putin wanted Hillary – who he can easily walk all over – in the White House. Probably wants some more uranium too. She and The Clinton Foundation have always been willing and have always had a price for any scumbags who want access or worse – to America.

Now with the Democrats and their lapdogs in the media continuing to push; “The Russians did it, The Russians did it” talking points – Vladimir Putin has something to say himself: This really makes Hillary and all lefties look like idiots… not saying he’s wrong:

But first, a real laugh at Hillary’s reaction to getting her ass handed to her by Donald Trump:

Rueters reports that Vladmir Putin is vehemently dismissing accusations the Russians hacked the Democratic Party and interfered with the U.S. presidential election and advised Hillary Clinton’s supporters to accept their failure and stop scapegoating “external factors” like Russia for their defeat:

“They are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame,” he said during his annual end-of-year press conference Friday. “In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity. You need to learn how to lose gracefully.”

Putin made a further good point – one I wish the Republicans were making – when he continued:

“The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential elections, but elections in the Senate and Congress,” he said. “Did we do that, too?”

Putin accused Democrats of “shamelessly” abusing their status as the ruling party to try to influence public opinion.

“(We are talking about) a party which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name,” he said. “Outstanding figures in American history from the ranks of the Democratic Party would likely be turning in their graves. Roosevelt certainly would be.”

But no matter – Hillary Clinton told top donors at a “holiday party” (oh, brother) last week that Russia was responsible for Trump’s victory. She claimed Putin damaged her candidacy by hacking the Democratic National Committee in light of his longtime vendetta against her.

Hillary dear, you were the best thing that ever happened to Putin – making him look like a great leader and warrior to his people -while the rest of us – including Donald Trump – accurately recognizes what a thug he is.

They can’t come to grips with the loss and are blaming anyone except their corrupt, crappy, lying candidate.

Putin said Democrats should have apologized to American voters over the information revealed by hackers who leaked Democratic National Committee e-mails.

“It’s not important who did the hacking,” he said. “It’s important that the information that was revealed was true. That is important,”

During the press conference, which reportedly went on for four hours, Putin also reiterated his interest in improving relations with the United States after Trump’s inauguration.

Putin said Russia hopes to develop “businesslike and constructive relations that would benefit both Russia and the United States” and quoted a recent poll that claims one-third of Republicans view him favorably.

“It means that a significant part of the American people have the same perception about how the world should be developing,” he said. “It is good that people support us in this, in terms of traditional values.”

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