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Did Pervert Anthony Weiner Offer FBI his Hillary Emails in Exchange for Leniency in Relationship with 15-year-old [VIDEO]


The Hillary email/pervert Weiner cases just got even weirder. I know that’s hard to believe, but hey, it is 2016.

A federal judge wants to see the search warrants the FBI used to access Clinton emails on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. If that’s not strange enough, the attorney who is suing to get access to the emails is a Los Angeles-based lawyer whose specialty is recovering artworks stolen by the Nazis. Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner are a lot of things, but I don’t think either one of them is a Nazi. On the other hand, it is 2016.

The judge wants to look at the search warrants so he can decide whether any or all of Hillary’s emails that were on the pervert Weiner’s computer should be made public. The Obama administration’s Justice Department is opposing release of the email.

Since being overwhelmingly rejected by Americans on November 8, Hillary has blamed her thrashing in the presidential election on pretty much everybody. One of her initial targets was FBI director James Comey who announced that he was reopening the Clinton email investigation 10 days before the election. You’ll probably remember this pathetic statement by Hillary.

The attorney who filed the suit said that any search warrants and related materials were “of the utmost public importance. Transparency and accountability are most important in cases such as this one, where the investigation in question is heavily politicized, dominated and continues to dominate national media and the national sphere of conversation, and may have significantly influence the outcome of the election.”

In other words, it sounds like this attorney is trying to pin Hillary’s election loss on Comey’s forehead, or I suppose they could try to make the case he was working for the Russians. It is 2016 after all.


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