People WILL DIE! Humiliating Thing CA FORCES cops to do with terrorists!

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Of course, leave it to good old California to protect terrorists and criminals over police officers and civilians. After the latest stunt, A.K.A., terrorists using cars as weapons to take out crowds of people, the terrorist loving city of San Fran is doing what they do best, they’re putting resident and tourists lives in imminent danger.

San Francisco’s backward way of thinking has twisted its laws into prioritizing criminal’s rights over innocent people’s lives, and it’s reached a new ridiculous level. The San Francisco Police Commission is proposing a necessary way for police officers to handle terrorists who are in the process of mowing down a crowd.

The commission, which by the way, has no policing experience, don’t seem to understand the reality of a terror attack. Our police department, however, realize all too well, the dire consequence of the new and dangerous plan, and they attacked the idea with all they had. Our police understand the horrifying reality of how many lives will be lost in this emasculating approach to terrorism.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the San Francisco Police Commission passed the revised use of force policy which forces cops to “de-escalate” a terrorist situation by non-deadly force. This specifically applies to when a terrorist drives into a crowd of people.response1-master675

The Commission doesn’t want officers to stop them by killing the terrorist who is trying to kill innocent people, but they also didn’t indicate how they would like to stop a moving car about to run people over. They just don’t want them to draw their gun and “scare” people or make assumptions about the terrorist’s intentions.

In a crazy twist of logic, San Francisco city officials worry that shooting at the car is “inherently dangerous.” But, they disregard what’s really dangerous, not giving officers effective options in stopping these maniacs.

This is only the most recent attack on the quick decision-making that police are trained to do, don’t think there isn’t more to come.

Why is it that the people who have no clue about how minimizing terrorism works, feel that they are somehow qualified to criticize it?


Unless the liberals, who do nothing but hide behind their desk, are willing to go through the grueling process of the police academy and live a day on the job behind the badge, they shouldn’t have the right to make dangerous decisions on how these heroes do their job.

Not to mention, we could easily start running out of good cops because we won’t give them the proper channels to protect themselves or us.

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