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Is it OK for Women to be Lashed in Public?


Liberals are the self-proclaimed defenders of the rights of women yet they continue to defend Sharia law and Islam. We have yet another example of why they are morons.

When women refuse to use a hijab in Islamic countries, the penalty is high. One young woman in Saudi Arabia posted a picture on social media and immediately the calls for her execution rang out.

What say you liberals?  Is it OK for women to be lashed in public? Is it OK for women to be executed for such defiance?

Religion of peace my butt!

Fox News reports:

The woman, identified as Malak Al Shehri, shared a photograph of herself without a hijab or abaya – a traditional body covering – on a street in the capital city of Riyadh.

Al Shehri sparked fury on social media after she went out in public in the conservative capital, with some even calling for her execution.

Some raged that she should be “thrown to the dogs” or “beheaded” for daring to stand against the country’s strict rules.

But hundreds came to her defense and praised her “bravery” for sharing the picture on Twitter.

“A Saudi woman went out yesterday without an Abaya or a hijab in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and many Saudis are now demanding her execution,” Sara captioned the image.

Dozens of social media users immediately issued death threats and insulted Malak’s morals.

“Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “We want blood.”

This country was founded on the concept that an individual is free to support, practice, and believe without interference, in the religion of their choosing. The state cannot decide what religion we belong to. This holds true for Islamic believers. I would fight to the death for a Muslim to believe and worship their Allah.

While the calls for her death were abhorrent, it is hopeful to see that many supported the young lady. In time, maybe there is hope.

But the leadership of Islam has one goal, world domination. They do not want us to have a Constitution, instead they want us ruled by Sharia as many Muslim nations are today. This is what the results would be. It goes against every principle that liberals stand for.

Wake up liberals and see that we are in a world war for our basic freedoms. We must win.

The Huffington Post recently tried to claim that the pedophile Muhammad was a feminist… I know, it would be hilarious if it was not so serious. Listen to my friend and expert on Islam, Dr. JP Sloane slap them down with the truth. Islam is no friend to women.



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