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Obama Handing Out Green Cards & Benefits to Terrorists: This is not a joke… [VIDEO]


The goal of an immigrant is to get a green card. A green card certifies the immigrant has permanent residency in the U.S. and they’re eligible for all sorts of benefits very much like a U.S. citizen. The Obama administration handed out at least 19,000 duplicate green cards during the last three years many of those cards contained incorrect information and according to the Department of Homeland Security there’s no way to track them.

During the same period more than 200,000 green cardholders reported their cards missing and had them replaced. No one knows where all these green cards are going.

Homeland security experts have highlighted that the problems with the agency that distributes green cards and those problems are “widespread and systemic and make it virtually impossible to track individuals who have overstayed their visas or those who pose a national security risk.”

This is a perfect picture of the Obama administration. As Tucker Carlson noted the problems have gotten worse and worse every year for the past six years probably because no one in the Obama administration cares about citizenship or national security.

Needless to say the agencies involved are pointing fingers every which way and are insisting that the errors represent a tiny percentage of the total number of green cards issued each year. There’s two problems with that. The first one is that it’s obvious by their response that they don’t care, and the second is that we issued too many green cards. It’s time to shut down the borders.

On January 20 Donald Trump will move into the White House, hopefully after he’s had it fumigated. The bigger problem is Obama appointees who actually run the government. Hopefully President Trump will start removing people in agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, and the FBI, and those he can’t fire he can transfer to a new government post above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

In order to make sure that the government employees who are transferred northward are doing their jobs, I propose that Geraldo Rivera be sent on permanent assignment to report on their activities.


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