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Obama Has ABC/NBC/CNN/MSNBC/CBS/WaPo/HuffPo/NY Times – But Blames This Media For Hillary’s Shellacking? [VIDEO]


Denial. It’s a river that runs deep between Chappaqua, NY and Washington, DC. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need to get their stories straight about why Hillary got rolled over on November 8th. In 51 days since the election we probably heard 51 excuses.

It was James Comey! It was the Russians! At one point Hillary blamed Barack. And now Barack, who actively campaigned for Hillary, is blaming FOX News. Really? We have 22 days left until the inauguration, at which point Hillary and Barack become completely irrelevant, and I can’t wait to see how many more excuses the two of them can cook up.

You heard that right, it was Fox News. Nevermind that CNN has long been known as the Clinton News Network. Pay no attention to George Stephanopoulos – who was a Clinton staffer in the 90s – is the face of ABC News. Forget that the president of CBS news is the brother of an Obama White House staffer. Ignore the fact that the Washington Post coordinated opposition research about Donald Trump with the Democratic National Committee.

And that’s just for starters. With the sometimes exceptional Fox News, 100% of the major media consists of Democratic operatives with bylines. But hey, they got a point the finger at somebody and it certainly couldn’t be the fact that Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate to ever be nominated for anything and Barack Obama’s policies have brought America to the verge of bankruptcy.

This year Donald Trump won 62% of rural voters, while Hillary only got 34%. In 2008 Obama won 45% of rural voters. They made the difference in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in Wisconsin, and in Iowa. Those states were supposed to be Hillary’s “Rust Belt Wall” that would deliver the White House. Obviously, it didn’t happen.

Obama likes to point to the money that was spent by the Department of Agriculture in those states and thinks that Democrats just didn’t do a good job of telling people how they’d help them. He also points to rural voters in Kentucky who, he says, have benefited from ObamaCare but who voted for Trump.

Maybe rural voters in the Rust Belt and in Kentucky know something that Barack doesn’t. Those rural voters are the ones who have been punished by Obama’s economic policies – remember “Recovery Summer” every summer, with no recovery in sight.

In an interview with CNN Obama said, “The problem is, that we’re not on the ground communicating… That we care about these communities, that we are bleeding for these communities.”

Obama and the Democrats have that backwards. Democrats are not “bleeding for the communities,” they, and the Republican establishment, have been bleeding the communities. Rural voters see Donald Trump as someone who is going to reject the Washington power structure and care about them.

Obama also doesn’t want to face the fact that over the last eight years he has gutted the Democratic Party at the local and state level. Since Obama came into office Democrats have lost 12 governorships and nearly 1000 legislative seats in the states.

The only places where Democrats are strong are California, New York, and Illinois. The three most corrupt and mismanaged states in the nation. They’re also the three states where Democrats are so far left they have to look over the right shoulder to find Karl Marx.

That means that the Democrats have no bench when it comes to national office. Just look at who the media is talking about in terms of Democratic nominees for 2020. Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden? And there’s even talk of Hillary Clinton running again. Make my day… times four.

The Democratic National Committee is looking for a new chairman and they’ve got two candidates. Keith Ellison, a Muslim Marxist from Minnesota with a long history of kowtowing to the Nation of Islam and the terrorist supporting organizations like CAIR. Their other candidate is Obama’s Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez. Perez is even further to the left than Ellison.

It looks like, for 2018 and 2020, the Democratic Party is going to be moving even further to left. If Donald Trump can keep a handful of Republican Establishment senators in line, 2020 might well see the end of the Democratic Party.

But first, we’ve got to get to January 20th.


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