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NYC Mayor de Blasio To Be Indicted? Facing Criminal Charges:


Mayor Bill de Blasio strongly campaigned and supported Hillary Clinton for president. It seems, de Blasio also took a few pointers from Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s playbook of “pay-to-play” scandals too. Maybe de Blasio thought since Clinton got off for her scandals, why couldn’t he?

I mean here’s a guy who turned his campaign staff into a nonprofit political fundraising organization on steroids. Called the Campaign for One New York ), which promoted the mayor’s progressive agenda. CONY was to de Blasio what the Clinton Foundation was to Hillary Clinton, just another way for thousands of donors to line de Blasio’s pockets with millions of dollars with his “pay-to-play” scandals.


H/T I Have The Truth:

Two separate grand juries in Manhattan, one federal and one state, have begun hearing testimonies by former and current city officials relating to criminal investigations into Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to The New York Times, prosecutors may be moving closer to one or more indictments, possibly against some of Mayor de Blasio’s closest aides, including his top political aide, Emma Wolfe and his Finance Director, Ross Offinger.

 The city officials are knowledgeable about illegal fundraising efforts de Blasio used while campaigning, including potential pay-to-play violations.

There is “strong indication” that the proceeding will end in indictments.

  Breitbart reported:

At the state level, it is alleged that de Blasio, and several of his senior aides, may have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars through upstate New York county committees and passed it through to Democratic candidates during the party’s unsuccessful bid to regain control of the State Senate from Republicans in 2014. The move, if proven, is in stark violation of state election law.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is reportedly conducting the state inquiry.

The federal investigation, which was  launched by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, is reportedly examining whether de Blasio or his aides conducted political favors for donors in exchange for contributions made to his 2013 mayoral campaign.

These two investigations are part of five that were initially brought upon de Blasio and his staff and which have for the most part dealt with fundraising by the mayor and organizations that are affiliated with his office.

Because federal and state grand jury proceedings are conducted in private, few details were available about the witnesses who have appeared so far, their testimony, or other evidence that may have been presented.

Those with knowledge of the situation spoke to The New York Times under condition of anonymity.


Thanks to Hillary Clinton and the success of her “pay-to-play” scandals and fundraising model for the Clinton Foundation, I’m sure Mayor de Blasio won’t be the last Democrat found to follow in Clinton’s footsteps.

Of course, Mayor de Blasio will probably claim like Cinton that “he did nothing wrong” and that the Campaign for One New York (CONY) was set up in “the best interests of all New Yorkers”. What a crock, right?

Even though, almost all the money that flowed out of the Campaign for One New York — millions of dollars — went to consulting firms such as BerlinRosen, Hilltop Public Solutions and AKPD Message and Media. The same powerful consultancies that are run by the men whom the mayor notoriously designated “agents of the city,” retroactively shielding their communications with his office from public scrutiny.

These agents of the city effectively turned City Hall into a teller’s cage, where clients could pay tribute and get their tickets punched. 

When Donald Trump won the presidential election, Americans were finally relieved from most of Crooked Hillary and her “pay-to-play scandals. It looks like New Yorkers will finally feel the same way soon with respects to Mayor de Blasio. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Merry Christmas New Yorkers!




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