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Notice Anything Odd About TIME’s Trump Cover? Take a good look…


It’s hard to imagine that TIME magazine hadn’t been hoping all along (planning even) to feature Hillary Clinton as this year’s “Person of the Year” after she became the first woman president. In all fairness, at least TIME didn’t get so far as printing and distributing the Hillary issues, like their cohort, Newsweek, did….awkward.

As disappointed as they may be, today’s TIME magazine declared President-elect Donald Trump their “Person of the Year.”

It’s hardly the first time Trump’s made the cover of TIME, though some appearances have been more flattering than others.


Today’s cover is featured below:


Notice anything strange about the latest cover photo of Trump? As a comparison, see what the cover looked like after Barack Obama won the presidency, and became TIME‘s “Person of the Year”.


Barack Obama is listed only as president. Fast forward to now and we notice that Trump is the president of the “Divided States of America.”


Employees at TIME were among the numerous whiners over the problems President Barack Obama took on after President George W. Bush. By that logic, didn’t President Trump inherit a divided America from Obama, Divider-in-Chief?


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