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NEWS NUTTER: Liberal Reporter Accused Trump Voter Of Giving Him A Seizure…Via Twitter


A liberal nutjob/senior reporter from Newsweek recently graced Tucker Carlson with an interview on Fox News. Man, this “reporter” completely lost his mind. His interview exposed his utter devotion to Hillary Clinton and how unhinged the mainstream media is currently becoming.

After his outrageous interview went viral, he reported that a “deplorable” Donald Trump voter purposely gave him an epileptic seizure, wait for it….via Twitter. Now wait a minute, doesn’t that seem familiar? 1a0zxltai-cevtfizwqqk8fgesvy7f2rljnt7eqfxjq

Maybe the liberals are doing something we don’t know about, a lot of them seem to be having seizures these days.

The insanity of all this will blow your mind, I myself, watched it three times, it gets better with each subsequent viewing.

If you missed the interview, watch it below, this guy was literally unhinged. The only reason Carlson had him on Fox News was because Eichenwald is supposedly an unbiased, real journalist, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When confronted on the show, Eichenwald had a five-minute long meltdown. He couldn’t complete a sentence nor could he explain why he was making wild accusations daily against Donald Trump. One of those accusations hit close to home, as Carlson asked him, point blank, about a tweet he sent, claiming that Donald Trump was a patient in a mental ward for months in 1990.

When we say “close to home,” it is Eichenwald who is on his way to the loony bin. Of course, he could not substantiate the falsehood about Trump being in a mental ward, and now, we learn Eichenwald is making more whacky claims on Twitter.200-2

The Gateway Pundit reports, “The dude is crazy. After the interview, Eichenwald went on Twitter and said someone sent him a flashing light that caused him to have an Epileptic seizure.”

Eichenwald claims, via his Twitter feed, that the responsible party is a “deplorable.” We all know who the word deplorable refers to since Hillary Clinton dubbed Trump supporters by that name.


Eichenwald also had a meltdown over Russia while speaking with Tucker Carlson, so it was fitting that one response, which he received after his nutty tweets, said, “I am sorry you were targeted, but the likelihood is the poster was Russian, as you of all people should know.”

His tear-jerking interview with Tucker Carlson is what started his breakdown. Carlson gave his interview a very apropriate name… “performance art.” At the end of the interview, Eichenwald claims the CIA is sending him “secret messages.”

Be careful if you’re snacking while watching the video below, it can easily cause choking, due to excess laughter. This guy must have drunk way too much of the special kool-aid being passed around the Washington, D.C., over the last eight years.

Ironically, the very thing that he accused Trump of doing, being in a mental hospital over amphetamine abuse, may be EXACTLY what’s going on with him.

PROOF that the mainstream media is done, obliterated, their time is over, and if this is the best they got, Kurt Eichenwald, who won awards, it’s no wonder Americans do not get their news from these guys anymore.

TProps to him, though, this guy is HILARIOUS! Perhaps a job as a comedian would better suit him? Seriously, he loves to hear himself talk. He blabs on and on, and it’s difficult to follow a single one of his thoughts! What a nutter…


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