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‘New Clientele’ Defecate, Masturbate in Pews, Church Must Hire Security Guards!!


A church has been forced to hire guards in order to keep the peace during services after the disruptive behavior of “new clientele” became increasingly serious.

Reports say that the Islamic new-comers were yelling loudly, smashing liquor bottles, masturbating, and defecating on pews during services. This frightened Christians who’ve now become leery of visiting their Holy Trinity church.

Concerned locals even revealed extreme concern over attempts to kidnap children during baptism.

Police finally gave the go-ahead to the church for them to employ security guards at all future services, weddings, and christenings. Staff also received training in the event that violent threats or sessions occur.


Holy Trinity administrative manager Bengt Alvland told the newspaper that people have repeatedly tried to steal silver, and staff are having to keep the organ locked to prevent them from climbing on top of it to disturb worshipers.

He also recounted how, during baptism, people have tried to take children away from the priest and parents as the ceremony was ongoing. In addition, people have sat masturbating in the pews.

“[A man] was pulling on his penis. He did not stop, even when a female police officer told him to”, Alvland said, adding: “There are no limits or inhibitions for these people. It makes the staff feel very concerned”.

He revealed that the people whose behavior is proving so disruptive are not the town’s “old homeless”, but are instead a “new clientele”.

“The fact that there are more security guards at the Town Hall and the railway station means there are fewer places for these people to go. Therefore, the church has become the weakest link”, Alvland explained.

Speaking on Holy Trinity’s request for security presence during services, he said: “We want a peaceful and safe environment for our staff and visitors”. The security industry is booming in Sweden, with sales for market leader Securitas reaching 80 billion Swedish krona in 2015, twice the amount the nation spends on defense.

After many complaints on the stories Facebook page, most of which connected the disturbances with mass migration to the city, the Swedish church issued a statement insisting that it’s “Swedish men aged 35-45 with drug problems” who are causing the trouble.

One man questioned them on Facebook: “I see that these persons will be described as ‘Swedish men……’what does that mean that they’re Swedish citizens, or that they are so-called ‘ethnic Swedes’? I know several addicts and have met a lot of them but never understood them to be menacing, or heard of this form of vandalism in churches, temples or mosques”.

Is there a reason so many people are covering up for violent and disturbing Muslims? This needs to end!


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