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Navy Seal Commander Will Head up Interior Department [VIDEO]


Sticking his thumb in the eye of radical environmentalists and Democrats everywhere Donald Trump has picked Montana representative Ryan Zinke to lead the Department of the Interior.

Zinke will be a key appointment in the Trump administration because the Department of the Interior sets leasing policy on federal and tribal lands, collects royalties, and regulates safety and permitting for offshore oil. In other words, Zinke will be the guy who releases energy for the U.S.

Barack Obama has done everything in his power for the last eight years to block oil development. He’s used every trick in the book to stop the Keystone pipeline, he’s banned drilling in Alaska, and he’s tried his best to drive a stake through the heart of offshore drilling. And then there’s coal.

Zinke is not your average radical environmentalist favored by Obama and the Democrats. He’s a geologist, holds an MBA, and was a Navy seal Commander. He’s a leader. He supported the Keystone XL pipeline and he’s a supporter of coal development.

Remember that hope and change that Barack Obama talked about in 2008? It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump is going to be the one that actually brings it to life in America.

Trump has made amazing progress in five weeks since he is election. If you’ll remember, Democrats were screaming for an investigation into why Trump’s transition was so chaotic. Go back and listen to what the CNN commentators – no friends of Donald Trump’s – are saying about his transition.

Trump is already picking what is probably going to be the most conservative cabinet in history of the nation. His cabinet picks, Rex Tillotson at State, Rick Perry at Energy (and Perry may just shut down the Department of Energy), Scott Pruett at the EPA, James Mattis at Defense, John Kelly and DHS and now Ryan Zinke at Interior make Ronald Reagan’s cabinet look like what Bernie Sanders cabinet would’ve been.

This will obviously drive Democrats off the deep end. Every one of these people are white guys who were certainly, at some point in their life, members of the KKK or Russian sympathizers. Driving Democrats off the deep end is really not a problem because Trump’s victory and the fact that Republicans held both the House and Senate make Democrats irrelevant.

The people who, unfortunately, are not irrelevant – and who will be shown to be the true enemies of America – are the #NeverTrump fools like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Already McCain, Graham, and their little pet, Marco Rubio, have lined up against Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Their concern because “he has negotiated with the Vladimir Putin.”

2017 and 18 are going to be very interesting years. The Democrats are going to be irrelevant, and #NeverTrump establishment Republicans are going to be doing everything in their power to work with Democrats to stop Donald Trump in his quest to Make America Great Again.

You’ll probably remember making telephone calls to your congressman and senator urging them to oppose Barack Obama’s attempt to eliminate the Constitution over the last eight years. I hope you’re prepared to make those calls again, only this time will be urging them to tell John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and their collective ilk to take a long walk off a short pier.


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