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Michigan May Confiscate Jill Stein’s Recount $$Millions [VIDEO]


Smack! That will leave a mark. A Federal judge stopped the recount in Michigan because he said the effort by Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton (leading from behind) was pointless.

But we all knew that.

Here’s the fun part. Stein raised more money to do recounts than she did in her entire presidential campaign. As the Green Party candidate Stein only managed to raise about $3.5 million. As a foil for Hillary Clinton, pushing recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it looks like she’s going to raise about $7 million.

Now it looks like the State of Michigan is going to get a big chunk of it. Wisconsin has already laid claim to almost $4 million and the Republican-controlled House Elections Committee in Michigan is about polish of the rest.

They approved legislation on Tuesday that requires any candidate who loses by more than 5% to pay for the recount. Stein was the one who demanded the recount and she got slightly fewer votes in Michigan than my dead white cat would have if we hadn’t missed the filing deadline. Bottom line, when this legislation passes Ms. Stein is on the hook for about $5 million.

Word had it that Stein was raising money to fund the Green Party, which has never been able to raise any Green. Wisconsin, and now Michigan, are doing good work to see that doesn’t happen.

As the sponsor of the legislation noted, taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for “frivolous” recounts.

Five million dollars should take the total cost of the two recounts over what Stein has raised. Here’s hoping that she gets personally tacked with the shortfall. She can afford it.

Aside from the fun of watching the far left throw their money down a rat hole recounting votes in states where everyone knew the result wouldn’t change, the bigger giggle has to be in the fact that by raising $3.5 million Jill Stein may have proven that the Green Party – and maybe even radical environmentalism – is dead in the United States.

With Donald Trump’s new appointment to the EPA there could be a lot to celebrate in 2017.


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