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Media Silent on Hate Crime at Cornell [VIDEO]


It will certainly be nice when Donald Trump officially takes over the office of the presidency in January 2017. The MSM has been a joke when it comes to reporting the REAL news.

President-elect Trump has ignored the MSM and gone right to social media – Twitter or YouTube to report the news. So, it will be interesting to see how President Trump handles the press corps. It will also be interesting to see how Trump handles #Black Lives Matter and hate crimes and how they will be reported.


H/T Louder With Crowder:

Golly, there seems to be a lot of politically motivated hate crimes after Trump’s election. Like this college Republican president, who claims to have been assaulted by people who aren’t fans of the President-elect.

 Oh, it says “Republican.” Assault in this case is totes kewl…

The president of the Cornell University College Republicans was shoved to the ground and called a “racist bitch” the night after the election, and campus officials are currently investigating the incident.

“Out of nowhere I was on my phone and looking at my email and out of nowhere I felt two hands grab my shoulders and just sort of threw me to the ground, and they were yelling ‘Fuck you racist bitch, you support a racist party,’” Corn said.

She has reported the incident to Cornell police and the university’s Title IX office.

This incident also does not mark the first time she has been harassed for her Republican identity. She added that after she was quoted in a Cornell Daily Sun article in May saying she would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, she received death threats.

Now, I want to be fair here because we’ve discussed hoaxes before (see Muslim Student Claimed Trump Supporters Harassed Her. Arrested for Lying! and Albany Hate Crime Hoax: Lying Race-Baiters Now Officially Indicted). This is an alleged incident. The only evidence of this incident is the student’s word. Okay? Okay.

But do you notice that when a Republican student makes a claim of a hate crime for her beliefs, it only goes as far as the student newspaper? Yet when a leftist makes a similar claim, in reverse (that is, being attacked by a Trump-supporter), every national media outlet seems to have an opinion on it. Here’s looking at you HuffPoop (lazy pot shot. Still not sorry).

A woman having two assailants mansplain politics to her, then shove her to the ground? If the woman was a college Democrat president, it’s all we’d hear about. There would be hashtags, feminists would grow out their armpit hair to braid-able lengths. So they may tie a new awareness ribbon into the pit braids. You’re now free to move about the vomit.

But she’s just a pretty Republican girl. Probably deserved it, according to liberals. What with her supporting a violent racist (their beliefs). Ergo it’s fine to push her into the ground, call her a racist bitch. #Tolerance

You know with Donald Trump as president, Americans WILL get the REAL news, but it may continue to come through alternative social media resources like Twitter, YouTube and others until President Trump can clean up or straighten out the WH press corps. Personally, I think Americans are in for a whole new model of White House press briefings. I also think these hate crimes will be called out. President Trump will “call it like it is” and won’t that be refreshing?



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