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Mayor (Comrad) De Blasio Disses Times Square Ball Drop!


Leave it to Mayor de Blasio to not only insult the people from New York, but insult a long-standing tradition in New York, the Times Square ball drop on New Year’s eve. What an idiot!

The New Year’s eve bash in New York usually draws between 1 and 2 million people.  That’s a lot of money supporting a lot of businesses, jobs and bringing in a lot of taxes. Why would Mayor de Blasio want to diss such a tradition that has been around since the early 1900’s?!


H/T New York Post:

Mayor de Blasio threw a bucket of cold water on one of the biggest holiday traditions in New York City — the Times Square ball drop — even though it draws countless cash-spending tourists every year.

“We expect, as per usual, over a million people. I’m not quite sure why a million people want to stand in the freezing cold for long, long periods of time, but they do,” de Blasio said Thursday at a press briefing on security for the annual event. “And we’ll be ready for them,” said de Blasio, noting, “It is a wonderful, celebratory event.”

Despite his feelings about the New Year’s Eve bash, which is expected to draw close to 2 million revelers Saturday night into Sunday, de Blasio will be attending the ball drop after taking the inaugural subway ride on the Second Avenue Subway line.


Twitter users blasted the mayor for his comments on the annual event, which has been a tradition since 1904, when Longacre Square was renamed Times Square. The ball-drop has been around since 1907.

Why Times Square on NYE? Because it inspires. Because you never forget it. Because once is enough,” user Jean-Pierre Boutros tweeted at de Blasio.

Another Twitter user, using the handle @Rb26015nyc, wrote, “because it’s the best city on earth!! If you don’t know that already, how can you run for reelection???”

User @MAGiamberardino tweeted, “He’s not sure? Perhaps because he’s out of touch with his own city . . . ”

Just like most other Democrats who have lost touch with their voters and the people that pay their salaries and taxes, Mayor de Blasio is no exception.


Here’s a few of Mayor de Blasio’s highlights from 2016:

Mayor de Blasio, who supports NYC as a sanctuary city and floods NYC with thousands of illegal immigrants, just so he can have taxpayers fund for their benefits and demand increased police protection.

Mayor de Blasio, who supports gun controls and #BlackLivesMatter until it’s time to call on his own NYPD to protect his own citizens and himself from crime created by these same thugs.

Mayor de Blasio, who supports LGBT until it was time to turn an AIDS care center into luxury housing for his own donor.

Mayor de Blasio, who complains about campaign finance reform, but will turn his own nonprofit Campaign for New York One into his own “pay-to-play” finance scandal accepting over $4 milion dollars of donations. Did you see recently, the Campaign Finance Board slapped de Blasio with $47,000 in fines?

Mayor de Blasio, who is called ‘Air Mayor’ just because he has taken over 20 some helicopter rides around the city on the taxpayers’ dime to avoid such things as rush hour or a 9 mile drive from downtown city hall.

Mayor de Blasio, who in an effort to deal with the homelessness put over 400,000 homeless families into hotels, some at a rate of over $600/night, costing the city $72.9 million.

Mayor de Blasio, who publicly refused to originally endorse Clinton as president, but then the WikiLeaks emails showed he coordinated plans with Hillary to work against Bernie Sanders. Then told Clinton, “Sorry Hillary, I was running on CP time” which offended many black people.

Yeah! THAT Mayor (Comrad) de Blasio!!!

Here’s hoping wherever you are, whoever you’re with….I hope you have a Very Happy New Year….even if you’re not in NYC to watch the ball drop in Times Square with about 2 million other people.  Cheers!



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