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Man Hurls Mattress On Wife, Sits… Suddenly Feels Excruciating “Clamp” Below The Belt


As the old saying goes…payback is a b!tch. Reports reveal that a man in Indiana had the police called on him over a domestic disturbance. Before police got to the home, things with this couple got a tad messy so to speak.

In a pathetic attempt to MAKE his wife calm down, the senseless husband came up with a brilliant idea. He sat on her with a mattress! So she did what any sensible, furious, wife would do…she bit him in the scrotum! AHHH Poor guy!! 200 Man was his plan foiled!

Police were alerted about the little domestic dispute in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood. This was Dan Deaton’s unlucky day, officers arrived just as this bleeding mess ran a stop sign in a sad attempt to flee his home.

During his ill-planned escape, the scrotum-less man was stopped by police, who then asked him what the rush was… to which he ironically replied, he was going to the police station to report a case of assault and battery.

As they began talking to Deaton, a picture of the incident began to unfold.

According to Deaton, he and his wife had been in an argument when he asked her to leave. WISH-TV reported that his wife Stacy told officers that the argument stemmed from her questioning his loyalty to the relationship. When she refused to leave, Deaton told officers that he flipped the mattress over and sat on her to — unbelievably — calm her down.200w-1

The mattress gambit — in addition to being sick, deplorable, and highly illegal — for whatever reason didn’t work. Stacy Deaton, in order to escape, bit her husband on the scrotum. That’s when he said he left to let things cool off.

Stacy Deaton told police that the mattress wasn’t the only battering her degenerate other half had perpetrated, as well. She told authorities her husband shoved her and then proceeded to throw her down the stairs.

According to reports, he “then mounted her chest, sitting on her and putting his hands over her face to stop her from breathing.”

While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it certainly looks like Dan Deaton, more or less, admitted to spousal abuse of the most horrific kind. Getting a chunk taken out of the old scrotum was a nice punishment for this jerk!

Now, he’s a national laughingstock, so that’s one form of amazing justice. Hopefully there is a lot more to come.


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