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Madonna Says She Can’t Sleep Because of Trump: She Can’t Sing Either – Why? [VIDEO]


This just breaks my heart. Madonna is so tortured over Donald Trump’s thrashing of Hillary Clinton on November 8 that she can’t sleep. She sounds like she’s so depressed that life just isn’t worth living anymore.

“It felt like a ­combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death. I feel that way every morning; I wake up and say, ‘Oh, wait, Donald Trump is still the president,’ and it wasn’t a bad dream that I had.

“It feels like women betrayed us. The percentage of women who voted for Trump was insanely high.”

You can feel it too right? The pain, the suffering, the feeling of total betrayal.

Madonna, along with other “stars” like Lena Dunham can’t believe that they don’t represent the opinion of women in America. They probably do represent the opinion of women in California, but after this election it’s painfully obvious that California is no longer part of America.

One thing Madonna and her ilk are doing with their rants about Trump is that they’re proving that, while they may be getting older, they’re simply children disconnected from the reality of the world as it is.

“I just can’t put him and Barack Obama in the same ­sentence, same room, same job description. We’re the laughing stock of the universe right now. We can no longer criticize other governments, other leaders. I’m hanging my head in shame.”

I have to give her credit for that statement, she’s right but just not in the way she thinks. We are the laughing stock of the universe right now, but not because the American people elected Donald Trump in a landslide minus the state of California and four out of five boroughs in New York City. We are the laughing stock because we were stupid enough to elect Barack Obama twice.

The thing that America and Americans are looking forward to right now is the probability that Donald Trump is going to restore our pride in being American.

The problem that Madonna and the Hollywood left can’t deal with is that unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump cares about real Americans and doesn’t give a damn about Hollywood and celebrities.

Madonna and her crowd can’t believe that America would turn their back on someone – Madonna – who offered to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for Clinton. Actually, I think Clinton fans should take her up on what will keep her too busy to continue to make stupid statements like this.

“I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since he has been elected. We’re f*cked.”

So Madonna, get over it. Or, if you can’t, take a sleeping pill. What the heck, take a whole bottle.


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