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Kellyanne Conway Receives AMAZING News – Just in Time For Christmas!


Monday, once again confirmed great news for America! The Electoral College confirmed Donald Trump as our next president. If anyone deserves Trump’s credit for his successful campaign, it’s Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager in history to have her candidate elected to the White House. But you don’t see the MSM making a big deal about THAT do you?  Of course not! But if anyone should have an AWESOME Merry Christmas, it’s Kellyanne Conway. 9090-13-660x400

H/T I Have The Truth:

Conway will return to her native New Jersey to serve as grand marshal for Saturday’s Christmas parade in Hammonton, where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the November election.

 She will also receive a key to the city.

Conway was raised in Atco, where she graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton in 1985. She spent her summers working at Indian Brand Blueberry Farms before leaving for college in Washington, D.C.

 This woman worked tirelessly to ensure that we didn’t get stuck with Hillary in the White House, and for that, we thank her. She has four children who she undoubtedly cannot wait to spend some much-needed time with, and who will definitely enjoy seeing their mother honored in this very special way.

Kellyanne Conway even turned down the coveted position of White House Press Secretary for the Trump Administration, choosing instead to focus on her family, as if to say, “My work here is done!”


Kellyanne Conway is a phenomenal woman. She is president and CEO of the Polling Company, which she founded in 1995.  She has a rockstar Conservative resume having worked with clients like: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, Reps. Steve King and Michele Bachmann, and FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, National Rifle Association, and Family Research Council.

Many may not know, that Conway co-authored a book entitled, “What Women Really Want” which desribes a new age of opportunity and improving life for all Americans.

Looks like she put her knowledge to good work…certainly the part about “improving life for all Americans”.

Maybe now we’ll see a whole new book come out written by Conway entitled “Trump Whisperer: What America Really Wants”.  Either way, I think Americans will be hearing a lot more from Kellyanne Conway in the near future.

Blessings to you and your family! Wishing you all a Very, Merry Christmas!



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