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Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes: “They’rrrrrrrr Hate!” Boycott is ON! [VIDEO]


The cereal company Kellogg has decided that they’re going to come out of the closet as supporters of far left and anti-American causes. Last week they announced their decision to pull advertising from because Breitbart’s 45 million monthly conservative readers are not “aligned with our values as a company.”

Breitbart responded by launching a #DumpKelloggs petition and is called for a boycott of Kellogg.  Kellogg manufactures Pringles, Eggo waffles, as well as a variety of cereals including Special K, and Frosted Flakes.

Kellogg’s media flak Chris Charles made the announcement, saying…

“We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure that our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company. We recently reviewed the list of sites where ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on We are working to remove ads from that site.”

Charles was unable to cite an example of how Breitbart’s 45 million readers failed to align with this breakfast makers values. This is just one more example of an out of touch Corporation, see Target or the NFL for other high-profile examples, embracing anti-American narratives.

Breitbart responded by saying, “Breitbart news is the largest platform for pro-family content anywhere on the Internet. We are fearless advocates for traditional American values, perhaps the most important among them is freedom of speech, our motto ‘more voices, not less.’ For Kellogg’s, an American brand, to blacklist Breitbart news in order to placate left-wing totalitarians is a disgraceful act of cowardice. They insult are incredibly diverse staff and spit in the face of our 45 million highly engaged, highly perceptive, highly loyal readers many of whom are Kellogg’s customers. … If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.

In addition to pulling their advertising from Breitbart, Kellogg’s is a major contributor to George Soros’ groups that seek to undermine America. The Kellogg Foundation recently gave $200,000 to Soros Open Society Institute, and over $2.5 million to Soros’ Tides Center.

In addition to direct grants to Soros, the Kellogg Foundation has committed more than $75 million into an initiative to combat structural racism in America.

“Since the birth of America, racial privilege and structural inequalities have influenced the nation’s policies and social systems, from healthcare, education and child welfare to media, food consumption, justice and countless other facets of everyday life. In America, those who differ from the majority because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, weight and other characteristics face a deluge of outright discrimination and unconscious bias.”

So says Tony the Tiger.

I want to encourage you to follow the link, and join 300,000 other Americans in their boycott of Kellogg. If enough conservatives boycott them, maybe they’ll move to Mexico. They certainly have no place in America.


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