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Keith Olbermann Threatens President-elect Trump: “…we will get you” [VIDEO]


Keith Olbermann, former ESPN and former MSNBC clueless nutcase is now promoting himself as a “GQ Special Correspondent” whatever that is. Apparently, GQ Magazine is so desperate for online viewers that they’ve allowed Keith Olbermann to attach himself to their brand like a tick to a hyena.

Olbermann is producing over-the-top tweets and videos – which shouldn’t be a surprise if you followed him on MSNBC – about Donald Trump. His latest piece of work kicked off when Trump questioned why the White House waited so long to act if they really thought the Russians were hacking somebody. At that point Olbermann took his twitter account right off the rails.


“Russian whore?” And, “we will get you.” Really Keith? Really? Are you just begging for a visit from the Secret Service?

My favorite part of these two tweets is that Trump tweeted his at 7:24 AM and by the time it was captured had almost 115,000 likes. Nutcase Olbermann launched his Tweet about half an hour later and had 3,250 likes. Not exactly viral there Keith.

Shortly after he put up that unhinged Tweet Olbermann made this video.  Warning, watching this video will drive you to adult beverages.

I’m going to hope that nobody at GQ looks at Olbermann’s insanity before they post it. The guy is either having a mental breakdown and should be hospitalized indefinitely or he’s involved in some kind of plot the Secret Service should be looking into.

We’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from Keith Olbermann. He’s just the kind of person that you want out front opposing Donald Trump. The Republican national committee should be buying him television time. I’m pretty sure that if you put Olbermann on the air enough between now and 2018, Republicans would sweep every election in the midterms.


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