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Joe The Plumber: “Nancy Pelosi Great for Republican Party”


Joe The Plumber was on Fox News Business Channel and gave great praise to Nancy Pelosi’s seemingly insane comments that the American people “don’t want change.”


Joe Wurzelbacher who is nationally known as Joe “The Plumber” went on FBN Channel’s “Risk & Reward” show and remarked that if Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s done a great job, he hopes the former Speaker of the House will go right on thinking that… WATCH:

The truth is Nancy Pelosi is the single greatest thing to happen to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan: Let me explain-

The passing of Obamacare in 2009 – clearly against the will of the voters – resulted in the biggest shift of power in American political history, over the next 7 years. President Obama’s signature legislation was crammed through Congress in the most egregious way, as most Americans watched on in horror.

It could have only been done with Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and then with the election of Barack Obama to the Oval Office… But it took some crafty, unusual, unethical and – I don’t care what John Roberts says – UnConstitutional efforts.

I don’t need to remind you that Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House when ObamaCare was “deemed to have passed” without any of them even reading it.

It was Nancy Pelosi who guided Obamacare through all the shenanigans to get it passed: The bribing of Democrat congresspeople to change their vote, the legislative parlour tricks – the outright lies about keeping your doctor, your plan and premiums going down, etc., etc.

Of course you remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous; “We have to pass it first so we can see what’s in it?” remark? … That’s crazy and the American People know it.

Nancy Pelosi got it passed anyway and the result over the following elections was that Republicans gained majorities in The House, The Senate and now Donald Trump is headed to The White House.

The Republican establishment LOVED ObamaCare – don’t be fooled. The key to all of this is that Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Paul Ryan (who got ObamaCare fully-funded through the end of 2016) rode ObamaCare into power ..

.. and Nancy Pelosi really should get most of the credit. Props to the craziest Speaker of the House ever for rebuilding the Republican Party.

To be continued..


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