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‘Joe The Plumber’ Takes on Trump’s Cabinet Picks (VIDEO)


Joe Wurzelbacher, who gained national attention during the 2008 presidential race as ‘Joe the Plumber’ for a discussion he had with then Senator Barack Obama during a campaign stop, weighed in on President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks with Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox Business Network.

Is Joe worried about the “little guy”? What about Rex Tillerson? What about the wealth of Trump’s cabinet? And what about jobs?

Joe makes several excellent points and I want to focus on three of them – Respect, Richest Cabinet and Jobs!


Respect! It’s more than an Aretha Franklin song.  Well, it should be, but for the last eight years it certainly hasn’t been. Joe is right. Hillary proved she could be bought long before she was given the Secretary of State job by Obama.  She sold out U.S. to – of all people – the Russians when she helped them acquire control of U.S. uranium supplies.

And then came John Kerry, a documented traitor, whose only real success in life has been marrying wealthy women.  He’s been getting skinned – actually, the American people have been getting skinned – every time Kerry opens his mouth.

Rex Tillerson is CEO of Exxon.  He has been in face-to-face business negotiations with virtually every important world leader.  He’s likely had more face time with leaders than Clinton, Kerry, and Obama combined.  He knows how to make deals and that’s what diplomacy is all about.  Tillerson will be acting on behalf of the American people, unlike either Clinton or Kerry who act on behalf of the Clinton Crime Foundation or looking for some polish to a tacky (at best) reputation.

Richest Cabinet.

My comment to these complaints is “…and your point is?”

John Kerry’s net worth may well be more than the combined net worth of all of Trump’s Cabinet picks.  The important difference between Trump’s Cabinet picks and Kerry – or virtually every other Cabinet pick under any president – is that Trump’s picks actually earned their money in real jobs. Kerry married his money.  Virtually every other Cabinet officer – especially Obama’s Cabinet – have made their money sucking off the government teat.  Make that the taxpayers’ teat.

In the process of making their money, Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks have also created hundreds of thousands of real jobs.  Barack Obama and his Cabinet created an environment of part-time jobs or government “jobs.”

Trump’s Cabinet, unlike Obama’s, will be working for the American people and they will be producing for the American people.

Jobs = Fewer Democrat Votes.

Bingo.  The only “jobs” Democrats are interested in creating are government jobs because government employees vote Democrat. Unemployed and under-employed people tend to vote Democrat – against their own interests – as well.  That’s why all of Obama’s “jobs programs” were doomed to fail.  They want people to stop looking for work.  They’re easier to control that way and Democrats are all about control.

Joe the Plumber really hit the interview out of the park.  He hit all the right points about Trump’s Cabinet picks and like Joe, I’m looking forward to the next four years.


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