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‘Joe The Plumber’: Democrats Should Be Angry With Bill Clinton


Our own Joe the Plumber went on Fox News’ Varney & Co and answered the silly Bill Clinton mantra that Trump won because of “angry white men”.

The Clintons have described conservatives as “rednecks”, “deplorables”, “angry white men”, and a plethora of other names.

Joe says it’s not “angry white men”, it’s “angry Americans!”


“It’s angry Americans across the board. Republicans, Democrats, union workers, non-union workers, black Americans… everybody! We’re tired of the Republicans and Democrats essentially telling us they’re going to serve us, and then ultimately serving themselves. That’s why Donald Trump got elected to office, because he’s done with political correctness. He’s happy to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and he wants to work on behalf of the American People.”

Joe goes on to address Bill Clinton:

“As far as Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton is an angry guy. If anything, the Democrat Party should be angry at Bill Clinton. He’s the one that essentially made a disgrace of the Oval Office. Then just everything he’s done afterward has been ridiculous. As far as I’m concerned Bill Clinton is a non-issue anymore.”

Joe goes on to discuss why all Americans should really be angry with Democrats and their basic way of governing, which is to give away free stuff.

Like feeding the bears in the state forest, you hurt the bear because you are teaching it not to rely on itself. Joe goes on to point out, when you get humans used to free giveaways, they quit learning to rely on themselves. “These millennials are not being taught to forage for food!”

“I had my first paper rout when I was 9”, Joe points out explaining how important work ethic was to his success.

Joe is so correct. Entitlement-ism has invaded our country and it’s being fed to the population via the government by the liberals.

If we ever had a major crash again, and the bottom fell out of our economy, we would have tens of millions of people who would not be able to survive. Stuart Varney pointed out that 40% of millennials are already having to live with a family member to survive. That is a real bad place to be as we look forward to the future!

Things come very easy for us these days and that is a wonderful thing. But with that eases comes laziness. One of our hardest working generations was those who lived through the Great Depression. They had to sacrifice and work hard to just barely survive. They were very successful in the long run. That should tell you a basic principle of life within itself.


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