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As Jill Stein Begins Fox News Interview,WATCH What Immediately Happens to Her…



HAH! This is just embarrassing on behalf of all Democrats. Have you been following along with Jill Stein’s recount scam? If you’ve hit the “ignore” button, not to worry….you’d be what we call “nearly all of America”.

Stein’s latest stunt was an epic scene, she all but threw a tantrum on Fox news because she was losing a losing argument.

You better believe that Christmas came early this year. Chris Wallace completely roasted her on Fox News. Watch Jill Stine roasting on an open fire…

What a maroon. Wallace brings up a good point if she’s so concerned about “democracy”…why not call for recounts in states that Hillary won? By much muuuuuuuuch slimmer margins. Why not New Hampshire? Virginia? Why is she exclusively concerned with just the three states that some “researchers” told her to investigate? Even though there is zero evidence of fraudulent activity and those same researchers said as much. Wait, what kind of researchers is she talking to again?

Shouldn’t their job be to conduct, you know… research?

And again, because irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…

At the end of the day, Jill Stein isn’t changing any hearts or minds, all she’s changing is the money in her pocketbook. The longer recount charade continues, the more ridiculous, liberals will appear in regard to the election. Which is difficult to do. They have officially broken the record for the sore loser award, and become a national embarrassment.



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