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JIHAD THEME PARK, Open For Business! Kids Pretend To Attack US & Israel


The park, named The City of Games for Revolutionary Children, is Obama’s new legacy. He gave these devout savages billions. Billions! And as you may very well expect, the media hasn’t even questioned our outgoing President why he would enrich and embolden a tyrannical genocidal regime. And, why would they? They, too, are in deep with the jihad force.

Children as young as eight are able to adorn military uniforms and fight ‘battles’ against the US and Israel at the new attraction in the city of Mashad.

The Iranian government opened this theme park to brain wash their young children, so they would learn to be revolutionaries and fight against the country’s enemies.

Visitors are given military gear and guns, in order to learn how to fight the country’s enemies. They are then split into ‘squads’ of up to 10, and go through 12 stages. Sections include and are dedicated to, the Iran-Iraq war, defending holy shrines, and walking through minefields.

Then, the children are required to save the Shrine of Zaynab in Damascas, Syria.

They are also schooled on Iranian leaders, including Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who founded the Islamic Republic.

Theme park boss Hamid Sadeghi stated: ‘At the final station, the children learn that the most important elements for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.’

Apparently the park has been in ‘great demand’.


Some of the stages which the children pass through at the theme park:

Stage one – Youngsters are taught about the Mahdi, the Shi’ite messiah

Stage two – They are taken to the station of the Rule of the Jurisprudent

Stage three – The children are taught about the Islamic Revolution and how the Shah’s dictatorship was vanquished

Stage four – They enter the first station of the Holy Defence, where they simulate fighting the enemy and learn about combat methods, including firing plastic bullets. They shoot at effigies of the Israeli Prime Minister and the US flag.
Stage five – The children go to the station of defence of the Shrine of Zaynab and learn about the fighting in Syria against ISIS

Stage six – Children have a contest throwing balls at effigies of ISIS and the Saudi royal family

Stage seven – They watch a video about the defence of the Shrine of Zaynab

Stage eight – The children receive a souvenir gift
Stage nine – Children are blindfolded and asked to stage thow a ball at an Israeli flag in the form of a puzzle and knock it down, and then assemble a puzzle of an Israeli flag

Children taking part in military training exercises at a theme park, SERIOUSLY?! It’s not anything new, but, the evil in these people never ceases to amaze me!


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