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Ivanka Supporters Just Got Even With Gay Plane Harasser In Clever Way…HAH!



Maybe the only way to go over this incident is to list the many “ironies” of intolerance from these two repulsive individuals. One, both are “gay, Jewish, New Yorkers”, two, one man is an “attorney” and the other a “professor”.

This little outburst should dispel once and for all the sheer hypocrisy of the radical left. For some strange reason, these people actually consider themselves enlightened, understanding and compassionate and then proceed to terrorize and display the crudest behavior imaginable.

Example: Attorney Daniel Goldstein of Brooklyn and his “self-described husband”, Matthew Lasner, had no remorse for verbally assaulting and harassing Ivanka Trump on a flight from New York to San Francisco on Thursday.


The two leftist loons caused such an uproar that they were literally kicked off the flight. Perhaps the most troubling detail that emerged from this entire situation, is that this hostile couple is raising a child together. Sadly, we are left to wonder about the well-being of the child. The obvious lack of control this couple has over their emotions, is very concerning, seeing as how they are teaching young and impressionable mind.

Lasner aside from being a professor at Hunter College, is also an author, with a book currently appearing on Amazon titled “High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century”, which apparently is “enjoying a backlash” from Trump supporters, receiving over “100 one-star reviews,” and for an author that’s the kiss-of-death.

Tagging Lasner in many cases a; “liberal idiot that harasses a young mother and her three children aboard a Jet Blue airline.”

However some reviewers used a bit of sarcastic humor in stating their displeasure: “This book goes nowhere, like missing a flight. Book left me feeling like I was stuck at an airport. Story didn’t have any altitude. Hopefully, it’s not made into an in-flight movie.”

Aside from the negative reviews on Lasner’s Amazon book page, both these vile individuals were branded as “scum of the earth, d*****bags, political terrorists” and maybe even the best one yet… “heterophobic bigots!”



These liberal haters tried to lie their way out of it by saying they “simply expressed displeasure in a calm tone.” PSSH, can’t get out of this one dude, your previous tweet tells the real truth.



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