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Invisible Jihad Occurring Under Our Noses [VIDEO]


Muslims are staging an outright invasion of Europe under the guise of “refugees.” Here in the U.S. that invasion is coming silently right under our noses. They are practicing what is called “civilization jihad,” where they infiltrate a country, take over government positions, and install Sharia Law.

Is there really a danger in this? Are Muslims the enemy? Here’s Larry Elder talking to Steve Emerson, the author of Jihad Incorporated discussing the problem of radical Muslims.

Emerson says there are 12 million Muslims who are “radical.” That is a very low bold number. The Pew Research Center discovered that in the Middle East up to 62% of Muslims have a favorable opinion of ISIS.

According to Pew’s findings up to 63 million ISIS supporters live in the Middle East and there are up to 287 million Muslims who support the goals of ISIS worldwide.

Here in the U.S. the major proponent of Muslim resettlement is none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The Democratic Party, to the last man or woman, supports the president. One of the problems we have is that support for Muslim resettlement is bipartisan. People like Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. John McCain have been working their fingers to the bone to make sure as many “Muslim refugees” as possible can be resettled into the U.S. before Obama leaves office.

In another interview with Larry Elder, journalist and author Leo Hohmann said this about Barack Obama.

“He’s going right down to the bitter end with pummeling our cities and towns with more and more refugees. They’re trying to get in as many as possible before he leaves office to the point where they’re even running out of money now, I hear, at the Office of Refugee Resettlement.”

There have been eight Lenny terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in just the last 18 months. The most recent came just last month at Ohio State University where a “Somali refugee” went on a stabbing spree. Fortunately, he was the only fatality.

Muslims in Europe are ramping up their terror attacks because of the Christmas holiday season. Muslims consider Christians to be infidels to be slaughtered, and Europe is the centerpiece of that jihad at the moment.

Muslim terrorists in Europe have moved from bombs, bullets and knives to semi trucks. The most recent attack was in Germany last week where a terrorist drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin killing nine people and injuring another 50.

The U.S. is likely to be on the receiving end of the same treatment before long. We are huge nation of very soft targets. One or two individuals in a crowded shopping mall with explosives and a couple of AK-47s could make the Orlando massacre look like child’s play.

Donald Trump said he was going to put a halt to Muslim immigration. Let’s hope he does that and does it quickly, and let’s hope his new Department of Homeland Security takes a hard look at “Muslim refugees” and starts deporting them as well.

Islam has launched an all-out war on the west and Western values. With people like Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, it would be a good idea to buy a prayer rug and figure out where Mecca is.

On the other hand, if Donald Trump lives up to our hope, America may be the last stand against Islamic terrorism.


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