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Hours After Spineless Liberal Assaults Ivanka Trump, LOOK What Happens to Him


After receiving massive amounts of backlash for berating and harrassing Ivanka Trump and her young children on a flight leaving JFK, the ‘husband’ of crazy liberal Dan Goldstein has deleted his Twitter account.

Can dish it out, just can’t take the heat. Typical! Hat-tip / I Have the

Of course, Dan-O denied any harassment or assault on Ivanka and her family – BUT – Goldstein’s husband, Matthew Lasner, tweeted that he had spied Trump’s family flying commercial and his husband was “chasing them down to harass them.”


OOPS!!! Tolerant liberals caught in violence and lies… also known as ‘Thursday.” HIs behavior should put him in jail, not just off a plane:

Goldstein succeeded once he was on the plane with Ivanka, her husband, their three children, and some of their cousins.

“Your father is ruining the country!” he yelled at Ivanka as she patiently tried to distract her young children with crayons. Goldstein was ultimately removed from the JetBlu flight and his family was forced to take another one later in the day.

The story made headlines everywhere, as people couldn’t believe anyone would pull such a stunt, especially with children present.

Now, a search for Lasner on Twitter comes up dry:


Guess he didn’t like being harassed… What a pussy – seriously – where’s your diaper pin Dan & Matt? Why isn’t the press making a federal case out of this?

I guess I woud be remiss if I didn’t repeat the magic words: “Can you imagine if a Trump supporter did this to Chelsea Clinton and her daughter?”

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Duh… there would be charges filed and the DOJ would launch an investigation into whether Donald Trump was responsible for the terrorism. You know I’m not joking either – this is crap.

I always have to look to the British press to find out anything when it comes to the liberal American and their insecure, violent nature. The Daily Mail reported that Lasner has been very vocal about his distaste for Trump on Twitter, writing shortly after the election about marching against the President-elect.

Look at this plain old liberal lie:

ivanka3“Expressing displeasure?” Man, I’d hate to be around when this idiot is actually angry…



The Daily Mail continued:

LAsner also posted a video when he marched in Chicago with the hashtags ‘#notmypresident’ and ‘#weslay.’ And he posted a photo on Instagram of himself with one of his protest signs, which read: ‘RESIST! Autocracy. RISE UP!’

Lasner also retweeted a man who wrote on Twitter: ‘Dear @IvankaTrump + @JaredKushner, there are swastikas being painted across America by people who support your father. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING.’

It does not end there either, as Lasner is not a fan of Ronald Reagan or George Bush

Lasner posted a photo of a college student wearing an old Reagan / Bush shirt earlier this year without the young man’s knowledge and then wrote: ‘Seeing this walking out of @packercollegiate this morning made seriously ill. It’s disgusting that teenagers might find this amusing. As far as I’m concerned it’s hate speech. #idontheartthe80s’

According to his biography on the Hunter College website, Lasner ‘studies the history and theory of the U.S. built environment, with particular focus on housing, and the relationship between housing patterns and urban and suburban form.’


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Of course, this was all over the American news media… NOT


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