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Hillary’s Inner Circle Running the Bus Over Huma Abedin: They Best Be Careful!


Since Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidential election to Donald Trump, not only have we not seen much of her, but we haven’t seen much of her “Mini-me” either. Huma Abedin was Hillary Clinton’s personal aide, adviser, confidante, and best friend. Prior to the presidential election Huma Abedin was considered by most as the “gatekeeper” to Hillary Clinton.

As a gatekeeper, no one got close to Hillary without first going through Huma. All that ended the night of the election, with Clinton’s loss. Talk about going from the “A list” to the an afterthought. Working for Hillary and the Clintons’ was the only job Huma Abedin held for the past decade or so.

Of course, most Democrats blamed Huma Abedin and her estranged, sexting husband, Anthony Weiner for Hillary’s loss to Trump. They also blamed Huma for the Clinton emails found on her own personal computer which inspired FBI Director Comey’s letter to Congress.  Without that evidence, the delusional Democrats believe Hillary would have won the election.

However, we all know it was much more than that, don’t we? But we’re still not going to feel sorry for Clinton’s “Mini-me”, Huma Abedin are we?


H/T The Week:

Huma Abedin has found herself at the center of a blame game over who lost Hillary Clinton the election, Vanity Fair reports. “[Abedin] was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion,” one campaign insider reflected. “She enjoyed being a celebrity too much.”

Abedin has spent most of her life as one of Clinton’s closest aides and was largely blamed after new Clinton emails were discovered on her estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s computer, prompting a fateful letter to Congress from FBI Director James Comey in late October.


Huma’s been missing from most public appearances of Clinton’s team since the election. She was spotted shopping in Manhattan recently with her toddler in tow. No spotlights. No cameras. No red carpet. So sad.

Speaking of sad…any bets if Huma will be invited to Clinton’s donor party in Manhattan on Thursday? I highly doubt it, but my guess is Huma’s going to do fine for herself with all her “A-list” connections.

I certainly would still NOT want to be in her shoes though.  Did you ever ask yourself, why would Huma have kept thousands of Clinton’s emails on a personal computer in her own home in a file called “life insurance”? Looks like Clinton’s “Mini-me” learned a lot working for the Clintons over the years.

I’m guessing Huma got a nice paycheck to keep quiet and/or has a nice six-figure job lined up in the very near future or has a nice bankroll stashed somewhere.  Either way, I’m still not going to feel sorry for her or her scumbag, sexting husband.  However, we can thank God, that Hillary Clinton is not the next president.

Merry Christmas America!


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