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Hillary Lover Who Attacked Ivanka in Front of Her Young Children Is Getting Vicious Payback [VIDEO]


Hillary supporters, despite her “Stronger Together” campaign slogan, are simply a bunch of weak-willed haters drowning in their tears. Today’s example is Daniel Goldstein and his “husband” who couldn’t help themselves and verbally assaulted and harassed Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight from New York to San Francisco last week.

Goldstein’s “husband,” Matthew Lasner, sent out this tweet.


Goldstein complained loudly to flight attendants about the fact that Ivanka Trump was flying coach with her family and they, as Hillary supporters, were forced to fly with them. According to passengers on the flight, Goldstein, who was holding a child in his arms, was shouting at Trump demanding to know why she was on the flight and not the private airplane. Showing the true class of a Hillary supporter, he was also jeering at the kids.

In a real display of class Ivanka ignored Goldstein and distracted her kids with some crayons. JetBlue did the right thing by tossing these idiots off the plane.

This whole confrontation was planned by Goldstein and Lasner. Here’s a tweet that Lasner sent out before the incident.


Lasner and Goldstein are activist Hillary supporters. Lasner is a professor at Hunter College and Goldstein is an attorney. He’s had a long time hate going on for Donald Trump, once calling him the “Gordon Gecko of developers.” And his social media accounts show that he’s been participating in marches against Trump and promoting petitions to get the Electoral College to vote for Hillary. In other words, he’s a leftist loser.

Mr. Lasner just discovered that Donald Trump supporters don’t appreciate his boorish attitude toward Trump’s family. Lasner, in addition to teaching college, is an author and his books are for sale on Amazon. Here are some recent reviews found on his Amazon account.


Lasner is obviously not up for the fight. After getting caught red-handed being a jerk Lasner deleted his Twitter account. In addition, Lasner and Goldstein were confronted by a reporter and asked about their actions on the JetBlue flight. Here’s what they did.

They ran.

It looks like Lasner and Goldstein are just exactly what we thought they’d be. Democrat bullies and cowards. Just like Hillary.

For the record, we’re enjoying your tears.


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