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Hey – Who’s Up For a Do-Over? Desperate Dems and Crazy Spooks [VIDEO]


This is supposed to be the season of joy and goodwill. Instead, thanks to Donald Trump’s landslide victory over Hillary Clinton it’s the season of nut cases. Unfortunately, they’re not roasting by an open fire they’re shooting their mouths off to any media source that can find to undermine Donald Trump.

First we had Hillary Clinton insisting that anyone who would question an election result was un-American and should probably be tried for treason. That was until she lost. Green Party candidate Jill Stein likely collaborated with Clinton and called for a recount in three states that Donald Trump won; that recount was stopped yesterday by state court judges.

Next up, we’ve got Barack Obama and the Democratic Party whining about “the Russians.” They’re accusing the Russians of hacking into the DNC and John Podesta’s email at the Clinton campaign. Those rascally Russians then took emails that no one has contested were actually written by Democrats and handed them off to WikiLeaks who published them. Hillary was defeated by those emails. It is of course “the Russians’” fault.

John Podesta wants the electoral college to be given a classified national security briefing about “the Russians.”

There’s one thing for sure, whoever is responsible for keeping Democrats’ medication balanced took a vacation in November.

Now we’ve got a fresh turn of events. The former CIA operative by the name of Robert Baer was given free reign on CNN – that would be the Clinton News Network – to blabber about how we should redo the election because of… “The Russians.” Here he is.

Democrats with bylines questioning people who are off their meds about the election.

So who in the world is Robert Baer?

He is a former CIA operative, but he’s also the guy who ran off the rails a long time ago. He happens to be, among other things, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

That’s right 9/11 was planned at the White House. It was George Bush’s fault.

This is the level of insanity that Democrats have stooped to, to try to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency. They haul out a guy who should be in a straight jacket, plop him in a chair at CNN and let him ramble on about the election.

I’m not sure the left will ever recover from watching their little darlings, the Clinton Crime Family, get crushed by American voters. I have to say I am enjoying their tears.


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