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HAHA! Prison Guard Pepper-Sprayed Inmate’s Genitals, Because…


If you have ever been pepper sprayed you know how BAD it hurts when the liquid touches your eyes. Now double that and imagine the kind pain this inmate went through.

Every bunch has their bad apples, and this prison guard was no peach! A Pennsylvania county prison guard was given paid leave and charged with assault for allegedly pepper-spraying an inmate’s genitals.

But, if you back up a bit, these prison guards surely take a lot of crap on a regular basis, and then to see what this inmate did? Well, it would probably be enough to set anyone off who was having a bad day.

Scott Blume discovered that an intoxicated inmate had violated prison rules and made alcohol out of fermented fruit he’d stored in his cell. BIG NO NO in prison; those people are in there to rot, not to enjoy themselves and have a party.

After the discovery, Blume told the inmate to change clothes so he could be placed in restrictive housing. But, did the inmate listen? Of course not. So Blume took out the pepper spray because, heaven forbid, he get a gun nowadays.

Prosecutors stated that Blume sprayed the inmate through a jail door opening while the inmate was still naked because he had REFUSED to put clothes on.

The little weasel of an inmate tattled to a judge because “force wasn’t necessary” and now the prison guard faces being fired.

Blume’s attorney also declined to make any comments.


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