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Greta VS Streisand? Yeah, Babs Gets the SMACKDOWN [VIDEO]


It’s fun after elections when a Republican wins to go back and remind all of the left-wing idiots who were threatening to move out of the US that they need to be calling the movers. Today, it’s Babs Streisand’s turn.

She, along with most of Hollowood – yes, the residents there are hollow – were committed to seeing Hillary Clinton move back into the White House. So committed in fact, that they think we common folk are going to be so upset at the thought of them leaving the US we’ll do whatever they tell us to do.


Here’s Greta pounding Babs to a pulp over her threat to move.

Unfortunately, Babs wasn’t there to take the punches in person, she’s probably have been wheeled out with at least a broken schnoz.

This election year is somewhat different than others and one way it’s different is that the Republican winner happens to have his own airplane. A 747. Trump Air. And President-elect Trump has stepped up, at his own expense, to help these fools get on with their lives.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

If you missed that flight Babs, I’m sure President-elect Trump will schedule one just for you. Although you might want to consider booking with Rosie O’Donnell. You could strap yourself to her, it would be a much softer landing.


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