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Got Sanctuary? Not for Long. [VIDEO]


The latest hobbyhorse for colleges and universities is their demand to become “Sanctuary Campuses” to provide shelter to illegal aliens attending their schools.

We shouldn’t be surprised, there’s nothing the far left loves better than illegal alien.

Donald Trump is the bogeyman and of course, Trump supporters are racist because we want immigration laws enforced.

It turns out that some members of Congress want to see the law enforced as well and that may cause some serious problems to more than a few campus administrators. Republican Texas Representatives Louie Gohmert and Brian Babin are proposing legislation that would cut off federal funds from any college or university that has a policy of protecting illegal immigrants.

Campuses are lining up across the country to flaunt immigration law. Typically they refuse to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement immigration detainers and refuse to release the immigration status of students without a court order. You can also bet they’ll turn their legal departments loose on any immigration officer who shows up with a warrant.

Rep. Gohmert wants to extend the law beyond college campuses to include sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

At least two states, Texas and Georgia, are moving at the state level to shut off state funds to universities that harbor illegal aliens and to cities with sanctuary policies. That’s a good start.

Getting legislation to cut off funds through the Congress will be difficult at best. The reason? Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Jeff Flake, and Sen. John McCain to name three. Even if Republicans abolish the filibuster for legislation these three idiots will undoubtedly oppose cutting off funds to support illegal aliens.

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats? But then again, that’s the reason that Donald Trump is now President-elect.


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