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‘GERMANY IS AT WAR’ Berlin on Alert for More Attacks as Police Hunt Armed ISIS Gunman [VIDEO]


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in real trouble in Germany. She is one of the biggest proponents of Islamic immigration in Europe and the German people are paying a very high price.

This week a Muslim terrorist driving a semi truck crashed into the Berlin Christmas Market killing 12 people and injuring at least 48 more. Here’s one of the survivors of the attack.

Berliners were urged to stay indoors as Berlin prosecutor Holger Münch warned of a serious threat and the potential for another significant terror attack. Germany’s Interior Minister, Klaus Bouillon, said that Germany is “in a state of war” after the massacre at the Christmas Market. This was the seventh Muslim terrorist attack in Germany this year.


One terrorist was found dead at the scene and a suspect was arrested shortly after the attack. That suspect was later released when authorities said there wasn’t enough evidence to tie him to the jihadist attack. German police are frantically searching for the second driver.

The Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the fatal attack and is praising the driver of the truck as a “soldier targeting nationals of the coalition countries.”

Angela Merkel is trying to keep a stiff upper lip…


… as she leads the country in morning. If I had to guess, I guess that Merkel is mourning the end of her political career. She laid white roses at the scene of the Muslim terrorist attack and said “We have to assume we are dealing with a terrorist attack. It would be particularly hard to bear for all of this if it was confirmed that a person committed this crime who asked for protection and asylum in Germany.”

President Obama called Merkel to offer condolences. While Obama was offering condolences, he was working overtime to increase the number of Islamic “refugees” being admitted into the U.S. How long will it be before we see these kinds of attacks here in the U.S. In just the last 18 months we’ve experienced eight Muslim terrorist attacks, the latest was a slasher with a knife at Ohio State. Fortunately, he was the only casualty.

In an effort to embrace the stupidity of Obama and Merkel’s positions on “refugees” students and faculty at Ohio State are in denial that the slashing was a terrorist attack. Here’s what’s going on in America’s colleges and universities.

Denial is not just a river that runs through Egypt.


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