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Gentleman Romney Counterpunch Knocks Out Dirty Harry Reid


The Karma Tuna finally caught up with Dirty Harry Reid and smacked him in the face.

Reid, Democrat and outgoing Senate Minority Leader, in 2012 famously accused Mitt Romney of not having paid any taxes for the previous ten years. The Democrat “mainstream” media happily buzzed about it for weeks. After Romney lost, Reid admitted he made the whole thing up. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”, he chortled.

Everyone who knows Mitt Romney describes him as a perfect gentleman, a genuinely nice man. In the 2012 campaign he was the victim of numerous false and defamatory attacks from Democrat operatives and their media accomplices: the dog-on-the-roof; binders full of women; high school bully; this one; heartlessly killed a cancer-stricken employee; and numerous other tales (h/t Human Events). Romney never responded to any of it in anger, and certainly leveled no such charges himself against his Democrat rival Obama.

harry_reid_waving_handThe Karma Tuna is sometimes slow, but he eventually punches you in the face. Kinda like Dirty harry’s brother did. (Or maybe didn’t)

This week, retiring Dirty Harry was unable to leave things alone, aiming a parting jab at Mitt Romney, mocking his failed bid to become Trump’s Secretary of State:

This is man who came out big-time against Trump. Oh, the things he said about Trump. Well, that’s great, that’s wonderful. Either he wasn’t telling the truth, or he’s a person with no character. After having said that, to go and do homage to this guy he said awful things about, I don’t think that shows much character.

Gentleman Mitt slipped the jab and delivered his one-shot knockout:

As for Mr. Reid, I lost respect for him when he repeatedly lied about my taxes and later admitted to it cheerily. Good riddance, Mr. Reid. The Senate will be better served without you in it.

Karma Tuna : win by knockout.


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