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GAMECHANGER: Two Female Louisiana Embryos Sue for Right to Live!


If this Louisiana lawsuit ends in a win, this would be a huge GAME CHANGER for the rights of the unborn and the pro-life movement.

Actress Sofia Vergara and ex-fiance Nicholasville Loeb broke off their engagement in 2014, but after they had 2 fertilized female embryos frozen for a future date. The breakup has been a whopper of a fight, and the pro-life Catholic Loeb wants the girls to be born.

Also important to note is that Louisiana is a strong pro-life state that has laws offering special protection for frozen embryos.

GAMECHANGER: Two Female Louisiana Embryos Sue for Right to Live!

This could be a HUGE game changer as it would redefine when life and rights begin, back to where it should be. Life begins at conception. Pretty easily actually, that’s the beginning of a human’s timeline. explains:

The lawsuit could set a precedent if it is upheld in the Louisiana courts. The question of whether a fertilized, yet unborn embryo, has rights could be monumental. If the court says yes, they do have rights to be born, then that could be used a legal basis to ban all abortions since once fertilized, the embryo would be considered to be fully human.

Right-to-life advocates all over the United States would use this ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and stop the horror of slaughtering millions of unborn babies on the altar of liberal idolatry.

In Ohio, a fetal heartbeat law has just passed the State Legislature and now goes to the desk of Governor John Kasich to sign or veto. Kasich, who claims to be a right-to-life conservative Republican, has said in the past he would veto a fetal heartbeat bill only to avoid the cost of legally trying to defend such a bill. To date, every state that has passed a fetal heartbeat bill which bans all abortion if a fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as 6 weeks, have been challenged and overturned by liberal judges and Kasich is afraid of the same thing happening.

However, if the Louisiana court case of Emma and Isabella v. Sofia Vergara is upheld, it could well change things and end up saving millions of babies from being brutally butchered and murdered before they draw their first breath.

Time to pray! Louisiana just took the lead in the fight for life!

With everyone soooo serious lately – how about a little comic relief?

The Flipside with Michael Loftus makes fun of Joseph Clancy, the head of the secret service. This is one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. With Barack Obama heading out the door, maybe the Secret Service will finally get their act together! If not, Donald Trump will have to say, “You’re Fired!”

Hilarious! Watch:

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